Dance-inspired fashion brands you need to know

Bodysuits, wrap tops, ballet flats, and more. Today we talk about emerging fashion brands that are inspired by dance aesthetics and make truly beautiful things.

Dance-inspired fashion brands you need to know

Yvonne Lin

Yvonne Lin, a Sino-Canadian designer, received a Central Saint Martin’s College graduate diploma and a master’s degree in design from the Royal College of Art. Currently, Yvonne is living and working in London. Her main interests are design, theatre, performances and the dynamics of the human body. In addition to clothing, Lin makes accessories, shoes, graphic works and installations, creating her own visual language. Yvonne Lin clothing requires a dynamic presentation: deconstructed silhouettes, complex asymmetry, “cut off” edges… All these details look as if they are striding from the photographs into our reality or some conceptual play.


Last winter the progressive textile exhibition Pitti Filati paid attention to a bright and unusual trend inspired by figure skating and ballroom dancing. How it can look in pret-a-porter is perfectly demonstrated by the Australian brand Dyspnea. In 2015 Aimey-Cherie Kendall, Rachel Motter and Jamin Zalfen launched the brand. They state that they love home parties and “everything’s brilliant.” The clothing is slightly erotic, fabulous and funny. In the collections of the brand you can find tutu skirts decorated with fur pompoms, corset tops studded with sequins, and almost transparent dresses – also, of course, all covered in tiny sequins.

N.early N.aked

Irina Kuksheva and Elizaveta Buinova, the founders of N.early N.aked, decided to turn to dance shoes for inspiration. The shoes are comfortable and soft. Designers also guarantee that you will not get tired walking in them. After 1.5 years of experiments, during which the girls changed several manufacturing factories and tested dozens of prototypes, elegant leather shoes with a flexible sole, ultra-soft elastic edging and anatomically correct heel appeared. Today, these shoes are available in a wide range of colours and in an extended dimensional mesh. Lisa and Irina do not want to stop there – they also hope to create equally comfortable sandals and ankle boots.

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Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Instagram, Unsplash

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