DMAs Kingston gig review

Following the release of their MTV Unplugged Live album, the bucket hat babes DMAs from Australia visited Kingston to play a stripped-back album release show. The acoustic set was played in the unlikely held at the All Saints Church in Kingston. Although unexpected, the venue was cosy and small, making it a very intimate and personal show.

DMAs band review

DMAs are renowned for their melancholic sound accompanied with a ragged, edgy backbeat, and are often dubbed as being the next Oasis. So I was eager to see how what they would sound like live, and stripped down back to basics.

The doors opened at 7 with the indie three-piece casually strolling onto the stage at around 8pm. The venue was pretty packed and had obviously sold out with tickets being a nifty £15 including a CD too- blood bargain! The band started off with my personal fave ‘The End’ which sounded especially good as an acoustic version because it’s a pretty slow-paced song anyway.


Next up was ‘Emily Whyte’ followed by ‘Lay Down’ which had the crowd either singing along with their hands in the air or recording for their Instagram stories – typical. The Sydney trio then finished off with ‘Delete’ and ‘In the Air’. The focus of the acoustic guitar, piano, cello and violin in the stripped-down versions gave a new perspective on the songs and a different response to the lyrics.

DMAs band

So you must be thinking, surely not just five songs? Yes, exactly my thoughts. Although the DMAs music sounded awesome it was highly disappointing that they only played five of their songs, and I was gutted they didn’t include ‘Step up the Morphine’ and their snazzy cover of Madonna’s ‘Beautiful Stranger’.

The boys were also pretty un-interactive throughout the performance and lacked showmanship. Their stage presence came across as lazy at times, even though the crowd were giving their all, the trio didn’t seem to be giving much back. I feel as if it wouldn’t have been such an issue if it wasn’t combined with being such a short set. But hey ho, maybe these guys are just cool cucumbers and trying to fit in with the Britpop scene.

DMAs gig review

All in all, despite the unenthusiastic and quick set, I still enjoy their music and think they are talented lads. I would like to see them live again to give them another chance and see if this was just a one-off.

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Text: Chloe Humphries

Images: Brig News, FBI Radio, Banquet Records, Chloe Humphries, MTV

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