Everything you need to know about hair oils

When we’re having a typical bad hair day it’s usually due to dry hair, split ends or even a greasy do with the only prescription being a treatment that gives hydration and moisture – fast. That’s when we turn to hair masks, deep conditioning treatments, serums or one of our favourites, hair oils.

Hair oils promise to give you that shiny, healthy – and Pantene advert-worthy – hair, but with so many different types of oils (and of course the famous hot oil treatment), how exactly do we use them and are they even worth it?

We spoke to a few hair experts to get the lowdown on hair oils, including the best way to use one.

Should you be using hair oil?

Using hair oils pre-shampoo is especially beneficial if you suffer with dry, itchy scalp or brittle, damaged ends, as Ozzie Rizzo, a London-based salon owner, explained to Backstage Tales. ‘’Ideally you need to use a thick, rich oil that doesn’t absorb quickly and can penetrate deep into the hair follicles, such as argan or coconut oil. Argan oil is ideal to use if you suffer from dry or frizzy and unruly locks. It can also be used to add extra shine to hair, prevent dandruff and hold styled hair firmly in place.’’

When treating clients in his salon in Seven Dial Covent Garden, Stuart Phillips, Celebrity hairstylist and holistic hairdresser uses Morrocon oil for fairly dry hair or coconut oil for the ends and to smooth through the hair as they are both natural.

When Should You Use One?

How to apply a hair oil all depends on the type of your hair. Stuart Phillips adds ‘’If the hair is quite dry after towel drying, apply the hair oil mid-length to ends using your fingertips and allow to fully absorb before blow drying. If the hair is very dry, mix a few drops with a smoothing cream before drying but if you have greasy hair, then only apply the oil to the very ends of your hair, avoiding the roots.’’

Ozzie Rizzo Argan Oil, Available in salons

‘’Using an argan oil reaps many benefits for the hair. It is a great moisturiser as it contains plenty of fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E, which all help to hydrate, nourish and soften the hair.’’ Perfect to use pre-shampoo and even as a treatment for dry ends – We’ll be Pantene advert-worthy in no time!

Balmond Scalp Oil, £14.99 

Soothe sensitive, itchy and flaky scalps with an overnight formula from Balmond’s – great as an overnight deep conditioning treatment or pre-shampoo step. Did you know you can also use this oil as a beard oil, foot rub, topical rescue oil and inhalation oil for those suffering with stuffy heads and noses? What’s not to love about a multi-tasking oil?

Phil Smith A.00rgan Oil, £4.00

Designed to be used on wet hair, this lightweight Argan Oil only needs a small amount to transform your hair from dry and dull to seriously nourished and moisturised. Great for those not wanting to support a greasy, oiled up do through the night.

Hask Coconut Nourishing Shine Hair Oil, £2.49 

If you’re planning a holiday this summer, this hair oil will officially become your holiday must-have. The Nourishing Hair Oil restores moisture and elasticity by creating a barrier seal without weighing hair down. This barrier helps protect your hair from damage from salty sea air, drying sun and harsh winds, leaving your locks silky soft, easy to manage and radiantly renewed.

Tropic Hair Smooth Radiance Oil, £24.00

If you’re not sure how you want to use a hair oil, whether as a pre-cleanse, a weekly treatment or before blow drying, this lightweight addition is suitable for all hair types – and all occasions. Use 2-3 pumps to nourish and smooth your hair and to tame frizz and tidy up rogue, static hairs.

VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil, £4.39

Want the benefits of a hair oil but don’t have much time? VO5’s new hot oil treatment gives you everything and more by transforming your locks in just 60 seconds. Designed as a pre-shampoo treatment, this hot oil is to be used once a week to help nourish dry and damaged hair and transform into healthy, shiny and incredibly soft hair.

Gorgias Black Caviar Oil Shampoo & Conditioner, £14.95

For those with hair too sensitive and fragile and worried about using an oil, this combo of shampoo & conditioner infused with caviar oil is the answer you’re looking for. The luxurious blend of black caviar, rice & keratin extract and vitamin E, this power duo helps to deeply clean your hair, restoring a natural, healthy shine – and it makes your hair look and feel stronger.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Hair Food Oil, £7.99 

With shea, grape, soybean, macadamia and coconut oil, this cocktail of ingredients is hand-blended to achieve the most nourished, strengthened and shiny hair you could ever imagine. For weak, brittle, thin or breakage-prone hair, apply to the scalp as a pre-shampoo for at least once a week.

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Text: Laura Ward

Images: Pexels, Ozzie Rizzo, Balmond’s, Phil Smith, Hask, Tropic, VO5, Gorgia, Element5 Digital

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