Why you should experiment with fashion in lockdown

Believe it or not, there is a perk to spending so much time stuck at home. It gives you a perfect opportunity to experiment with some new looks you’ve been wanting to try, but have felt too tentative to give them a go. You don’t need to feel self-conscious in your own house. You can see which ones you like, which you don’t, and get comfortable with these new styles. You may even find a fresh, favourite, look in the process when you experiment with fashion in lockdown.

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Make it Up

Trying different looks doesn’t have to start with a whole new wardrobe. You could start simple and try a couple of unique makeup looks. There are countless beauty tutorials on YouTube, so even if you don’t know your contour from concealer, you can find a video which can help you hone your skills. One of the best things about makeup? You don’t need to worry about getting it wrong, as you can wipe it all off and start over. Help yourself out by creating a comfortable space, and get your dressing table sorted.

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Break in Heels

Be honest. Do you have a pair of shoes that you’ve had for months but have barely worn because they’re too uncomfortable? At a different point in the year, you may have argued you didn’t have the time to break them in properly. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Now is the time to wear your heels around the house so they fit your feet properly. You could even use them as an excuse to get dressed up and have a dance party from home, but that’s up to you.

high heels

Be Bold

Now is the time to get creative with your colour choices. Rules don’t apply anymore. Have you ever wanted to wear yellow but think it’s too bold? Not sure you can pull off prints? Give them a go! You’ve got plenty of time to hit the online shops, and your home is your changing room. No one else is going to see you so be daring and you’ll be surprised what will suit you.

colourful clothes - be bold

Get Comfortable

Getting comfortable in this case doesn’t mean constantly wearing leggings and baggy t-shirts everyday – though you absolutely can do that. It’s more so about being comfortable in your own skin. You’re living in a scary time and your body is helping you through it.  Be kind to yourself. Body image is hard for so many people. Wear clothes because you like them, not because you’re worried about how they’ll look. Dress how you’ve always wanted to, and celebrate yourself.

cosy clothes - get comfortable

Lockdown hasn’t been easy for anyone, but it will do you some good to have a little fun with it. How do you experiment with fashion in lockdown?

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