Face Masks: Sheet Masks, Scrubs, Foam Masks – Which One To Pick?

Face masks and exfoliation are different types of wrinkle care solution. Your skin is the oldest part of your body and must be protected. Naturally, the process of ageing results in weak skin cells. Facial scrubs help to buff your skin and clear dead skin cells that appear as blemishes. With exfoliation, it’s easy to refine your skin pores and clear blackheads from dried pimples. However, before a facial scrub, it’s expected to cleanse your skin with water.

By dampening your skin with water; it increases the absorption of moisturizing ingredients. The wrinkle care face mask is a homemade remedy that attacks free radical agents in the sublayer of the skin. An effective face mask contains skin-friendly ingredients that leave a more revitalized body. By applying biodegradable, the ingredients seep through sweat pores, boost collagen production and gives a brighter appearance.


How To Remove Dead Skin Cells?

The freshness of your skin depends on a variety of antidotes to skin cell damage. However, it’s not advisable to keep your body dehydrated because it leads to a sensitive skin that easily tears up. Water is a diuretic that maintains your pH balance, regulates body temperature and flushes toxins that affect skin cells. Like psychological challenges, stress traumatizes our skin cells. However, foam masks wash away dead skin cells while the hydrating effect makes the skin smoother.

A mask is a topical treatment in the form of a paste. The topical formula is applied by wearing the paste as a mask. Sheet and foam masks should be left on the skin (face and neck) for a sufficient period before rinsing. Face masks purify the pores and cleanse dead skin cells after the nutritious ingredients have been absorbed. However, most topical masks are mixed with carrier oils before applying them. The carrier oil makes absorbing of nutrients seamless and boosts the flow of blood to skin cells.

The hydrating and cleansing effect of face masks helps to clear the pores from excess oils. Clogged pores are triggers for acne and pimples because they increase the production of bacteria.


Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are pieces of cotton or thin cloth with oil-free ingredients. It’s a special formula like salicylic acid that’s used for fighting acne. Usually, sheet masks are soaked in a hydrating serum; they are wrinkle treatments that work for the sensitive and non-sensitive skin. When you use sheet masks, the rate of absorption is convenient because the formula doesn’t leave a residue. So, anyone that wears a sheet mask doesn’t need to rinse off the serum.


Scrubbing of the skin involves the use of a mildly abrasive substance to transform a dull complexion that shines. A natural way of scrubbing your dead skin cells is by using antioxidant-rich exfoliators. Herbal plants and fruits like avocados, sugar cane, pumpkin, and papaya can be mixed with yogurts before facial cleansing. A scrub is a facial polish that involves the use of skin-friendly ingredients. However, microdermabrasion is not a facial scrubbing process.

Instead, microdermabrasion is an invasive method of shaving the skin’s microscopic layers. It’s like sandpapers scratching the surface of a rough wooden board in preparation for a smooth surface. Microdermabrasion is an aggressive method of shedding dead skin cells that appear as wrinkles, freckles, and nasolabial folds. Eventually, the result leaves you with new and healthier skin cells.

Foam Masks

A foam mask is made of gel, and it’s used by many skin types. People with sensitive skin can enjoy the exfoliating benefits of oil-free foam masks. A facial mask is different from facial cleansers and varies with the type of skin users have. However, people use face masks because of the need to remove excess oil, soothe the skin or get treatment for acne.

When properly applied, the hydrating effect of facial cleanser leaves a bright complexion after a period. Unlike foam masks, clay-based masks reduce the gaps in enlarged skin pores. Clay-based masks are used for soaking excess oil while purifying the skin pores, and they are suitable for acne-prone skin. When the right mask has been chosen; soak your face with warm water before applying the mask. Use clean fingers to massage and spread the paste all over the facial skin and your neck.


Making Face Masks With Antioxidant-Rich Fruits

Aloe Vera And Honey Mask

The use of honey mixed with aloe vera extract is an age-long remedy for wrinkles and fine lines. Without spending a fortune on the spa treatment, use home remedies to tighten your skin and cleanse dead skin cells. The succulent plant of aloe vera contains antioxidant-rich gel. Whereas, honey contains loads of anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties for the skin. Whatever ingredient is safe to increase the production of collagen should be used regularly.

However, you shouldn’t forget to mix this facial mask with carrier oils (like coconut, jojoba, almond or lavender oils) to ease absorption of nutrients. The use of honey mixed with aloe vera pulp as the face mask will release vitamin C and E that revitalizes the skin.

Avocado Mask And Carrier Oils

The use of avocado mask mixed with carrier oils is a wrinkle care solution. Naturally, nasolabial folds appear as wrinkles, freckles, and lines on the skin. However, these effects of ageing can be faded by massaging the skin with an avocado mask that has been mixed with carrier oils. The antioxidant-rich fruit contains vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties that rejuvenate the skin.



There are skin brightening formulas that are used as wrinkle care solutions. Scrubs and face masks are active on freckles and wrinkle. More so, there are several facial mask products; it’s not all of them that are washed off after an application. You can peel a type of face mask off your face when it’s dry. By removing the film of a mask; dead skin cells and blackheads will be cleared, and your pores will be unclogged. These moisturizing formulas revive dead skin cells. However, when a facial mask has been spread, it should be left for at least thirty minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

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