Fashionista of the Month: Milana Chigridow

We got to know the 22-years-old blogger a little better when we talked to her about how it is to be a blogger in Stockholm and how she lives by the motto “always make the best out of every situation”.  

First, tell me a bit about your background.

I am 22 years old and living in Stockholm. I run my own company related to PR and marketing. I also study international relations at Stockholm University and work part-time for the Swedish chef Leila Lindholm for her concept brand.

How is it to run a fashion/lifestyle blog in Stockholm? Is the city filled with inspiration?

Stockholm is a wonderful little city, that give me lots of inspiration. I get mostly inspired in parts such as Vasastan, Djurgården, Old town. Stockholm is so easy to access and is the perfect “blogger” city. You can walk practically everywhere and find great locations for new content. I bump into other bloggers almost every week, on the bus, in malls and so on. The city is filled with creative people and we all find each other in social media first and then in real life. If there’s something new in town, you’ll see it right away. Since all locals know the city as their own pocket.

What kind of opportunities have you been given from running a blog?  

I’ve been given opportunities to meet and engage with wonderful people, and see new places. In the future, when I’m finished with my education, all my collected posts will work as a portfolio for my career. I’m gaining experience and documenting it right now, it’s like an ever-changing resume.

What are the messages you want to communicate to your readers? 

I wish to show them that the world of fashion and especially luxury is accessible for everyone who has their goals set up high. I live by the motto “always make the best out of every situation” – for me that applies to everything in life. I want to strive for the best, for me that means to surround myself with beautiful people, surroundings and events. I travel a lot, especially to Moscow and there are no boundaries, and I always feel inspired to live as they do. 

How will you describe your style?

I like to combine modern fashion with a twist of luxurious pieces, and lots of pastel colours! My main colour palette ranges from pink, beige and baby blue. I like to feel sophisticated and luxurious in my outfits. Not that it needs to be all brands, it just has to have this cool sophisticated look, like Grace Kelly had.

How do you stand out from other bloggers?

I like to think of myself as one of a kind in the blogosphere, I like to create my own world and my own dreams. I am different from the others because I don’t wish to go to the same destinations or wear the same clothing. I love trends, but I can’t stand when suddenly all bloggers wear the exact same bags/sunglasses/shoes.

What are your best tips for people who want to start their own blog or their own business?

Just do your own thing obviously, but also make sure to engage all your friends, relatives and such in your blog. Most bloggers I’ve met only promote themselves to other bloggers, but I’m absolutely positive that your neighbour, aunt and, I don’t know, your mailman is interested in you and what you have to say. Create your own persona. There will always be others who will talk badly about you. But only you can spread good news about yourself.

If you knew that you could only write one more blog post, what would you tell your readers?

I would probably tell them good bye and tell them more about what I’ll do next. I would keep it interesting and probably make a grand comeback. You always have to keep things a little interesting. “My last blogpost ever” sounds like great click bait.

Milana’s favourite items of the month:

Gucci printed wool-felt cape ->

There’s has not been a day since I haven’t thought of this luxurious cartoon like cape, since I tried it on once in Monaco. Gucci’s new take on quirky pieces has really stolen my heart.

Valentino suede sandals ->

Powder pink shoes are always a good idea! I would easily pair up these with raw denim and a white Crips shirt.

Jimmy Choo Gotha/S round-frame glittered acetate and gold-tone sunglasses ->

I love Jimmy Choo’s playful sunglasses, they are always a hit! I love when designers go that extra mile and make their prices stand out, the glitter on the side is the cherry on top.

Interviewed by: Synne Krogstad

Images: Milana’s blog archive

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