Fenty Beauty: Rihanna tells you the colour you need

We’re not saying Rihanna is a magician, or has special powers… well, actually, yes we are. Not only does she have a Fenty Beauty empire, but as of July 29th she now has a whole lipstick range predicting our best suited shades depending on the month in which we were born. National Lipstick Day would never be the same.

Not only is it an impossible task to find a lipstick shade that actually suits our skint tone, but often the quality of the lipstick can vary… even if we think we’ve found the perfect colour. To say that we own a colour that suits our style, shade but personality traits too. Our girl RiRi has done the hard work and research for us and let the information slip which ideal shades of Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipstick would suit each of her fandom.

Rihanna aka the singer/songwriter/designer and beauty entrepreneur has slashed the industry with the additions to her already 24 colour range, with a creamy texture and rich matte finish. Each colour has been designed to suit any skin tone with its highly pigmented hue. The pink packaging would look cute on any bathroom cabinet or dressing table.

The 12 shades of luxury are an ideal gift for a birthday or to celebrate National Lipstick Day every day of the year. Shop the range here for $50.00 from FentyBeauty.com.

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: ELLE Beauty, Bustle

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