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What better way to spend the first cosy month of Autumn than gripping the edges of your seats at the cinema with October’s new, scary releases. It seems that Hollywood has really gone all out in their excitement for Halloween, giving us some high-tension horrors to dig our teeth into. Here are just some of the films to look out for in October.

October movies

Idris Elba in The Mountain Between Us


The Mountain Between Us

If you loved watching Liam Neeson struggling through the snow in hit survival movie The Grey, then you’ll be ready to get out your survival guides once again to follow Idris Elba and Kate Winslet in disaster romance, The Mountain Between Us. A surgeon and a journalist get on a plane… which sounds like the beginning of a bad joke… but the terrible adventure is nothing to laugh about. The hooks are all there – two strangers urgently trying to get home out of a blizzard, a horrific plane crash, stranded in a snowy wilderness – all leading to an intriguing struggle to survive. The pair have to put aside their differences to work together to endure the remote wilderness, travelling through miles of snow in the hopes of being rescued. Thrown into the high intensity storm, there is a loose ‘will they, won’t they’ romantic storyline, and a loveable furry sidekick helping them along the way.

Directed by Hany Abu-Assad, The Mountain Between Us was in cinemas October 6th.


Kate Winslet and Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Happy Death Day

It would be tragic to not have a horror movie released in the month of Halloween, and Happy Death Day will not deprive horror fans of that sacred right! Jessica Roth stars as Tree Gelbman, a self- centred college student that discovers she is reliving her birthday over and over again. Or is it her death day? With each day churning out the same events and then ending in her gruesome murder, Tree realises that to break the chain she has to solve her own murder. The American slasher film is directed by Christopher B. Landon, who revived the horror after it sat on Hollywood’s shelf for almost a decade. Landon had worked on the original film, called Half to Death, and recently brought it to Blumhouse Productions, leading it to be green lighted straight away by Universal, much to the excitement of the original team.

“The freedom that I had making this movie was so wonderful and I felt so lucky to have this opportunity.” – Landon

happy death day

Happy Death Day is suitably being released today.

happy death day

happy death day

Blade Runner 2049

Thirty years after the original sci-fi spectacle, Ryan Gosling takes to the screen as Officer K, the new blade runner. In this dystopian thriller, K unearths a tragic secret that could threaten the already delicate society, and launch his world in chaos. On his discovery, K uncovers Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, a former blade runner who has been missing for thirty years. The futuristic action thriller relays all of the troubling dark fears of humanity and technology that the previous 1982 film set up. A high intensity, big budget gamble for Alcon Entertainment, although critics are already pegging it higher than previous dystopian thrillers such as Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Gravity (2013) and The Martian (2015).

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049 was out October 6th and is set to be a huge hit at the box office.


Blade Runner

The Snowman

Another one to scare yourself with this October, British crime thriller, The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender. Based on the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbø, detective Harry Hole links a woman’s disappearance to serial killer The Snowman, who only strikes in winter. Hole soon gets caught up in a deadly hunt for the killer, as he tries to match old dead cold cases to the horrifying new murders that show up on his doorstep. With the help of recruit, Rebecca Ferguson, the two attempt to out think the killer before the next snow fall hits. Directed by Tomas Alfredson, this high-tension thriller is set to take a more serious tone as opposed to other current horrors – a claim that is only partially softened by the amounts of not entirely menacing looking snowmen that pop up throughout the movie.

the snowman

The Snowman is being released today.

the snowman

If you’re a bit of a thriller junkie then the cinema is the place to be. It’s sure to say that I will be avoiding the box office this month and will probably wait until the light and fluffy Christmas films come back to grace our screens!

Which of October’s finest do you think will scare the wits out of its audience?


Text: Laura Tozer

Images: YouTube, Universal, Vox, Blumhouse, IMDB, 20th Century Fox



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