FJUtalents SS20: The Diversity of Fashion

London Fashion Week’s annual platform FJUtalents promotes budding designers from Taiwan to showcase their work. With fashion professionals quickly taking their seats and models backstage hurried to finish their final looks, we absorbed Taiwanese fashion talent in amazement.

The show is sponsored by the Textile & Clothing Department of Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU), a leading fashion and textile design education institute based in Taiwan since 1970. FJUtalents support the institute’s designers strive into the global fashion scene. Here are the alumni who presented their collections during the show:

Sheng Chuang

SHOULD THIS DESCRIPTION BE FOR YU-MEI HUANG? Sheng Chuang is a womens knitwear designer who graduated from the FJU Fashion Design Masters program in 2019. Also selected for the “Excellence Design Award Taiwan Sweater Union Competition” in 2011 and 2012, this collection represented nothing short of imagination. The colours popped off the runway with accessories being more like wearable pieces of art.

Alison Lai

Alison Lai graduated with a BA Fashion Design from FJU earlier this year. Her work often uses oriental literature as a source of inspiration, and she combines modern tech-wear with an East meets West approach. Her collection sets the bar for menswear in particular and shines a light on how advanced street fashion is fast becoming.

Yu-Mei Huang

SHOULD THIS DESCRIPTION BE FOR SHENG CHUANG? Yu-Mei Huang is a Taiwanese-born knitwear designer who did her BA Knitwear Design at FJU and graduated from Royal College of Art Womenswear Knitwear Master program in 2019. Her work has been showcased at Ningbo International Fashion Fair, has been awarded the Taiwanese Knitwear Design & Development and was nominated for the Nagoya Fashion contest. Her fashion is bold, flamboyant and funky while her knitwear focuses on textile manipulation, using 3-D textures and materials to reinvent techniques.

Wei-Yu Hung

Wei-Yu Hung has degrees from FJU and ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands. He thinks that “tradition is avant-garde, local is global,” transferring culture of old hand crafts into modern and conceptual designs which blend unique fashion and style. Neutrals and brighter colours combine together to create a sophisticated pallet appropriate for young and old.

The designer’s work makes us equally excited and intrigued for what the future of fashion holds.

Which FJU designer presented your favourite collection? Tell us in the comments below.

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: POP PR


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