Sleep masks, cooling pads and other gadgets for relaxation

Peace of mind equals beauty, beauty equals peace of mind. We gathered the newest gadgets for relaxation that will help improve the quality of your sleep and help you get more mindspace throughout the day.

meditation gadgets for relaxation

Doppel bracelet

A clock-like gadget transmits light vibrations of varying speeds. A calm rhythm, slower than your own pulse, helps you relax and get ready for bed. The faster one, on the contrary, invigorates and helps get ready for the new day. In general, this bracelet can be worn throughout the day. After the lunch break, it will help you concentrate and return to the working rhythm; it will allay anxiety before important meetings or presentations. The device works very simply: an artificially created beat is perceived by the body as hearty, and thus your heartbeat adjusts accordingly.

Doppel bracelet

Light Alarm by Philips

There are many gadgets for relaxation, but this alarm clock is a real salvation for the dark winter mornings. It simulates dawn light filling the room with shades of the rising sun from red to light yellow. The colour gradually changes during half an hour and only then the alarm clock sounds: birds sing, the sea storms or even the favourite radio wave plays. Waking up in such a relaxing way is much nicer.

Light alarm Philips - Gadgets for relaxation

Glo to Sleep illumy sleep mask

The mask is rather weighty, but its soft and does not interfere with your sleep. It was created for those who cannot tune in to sleep because of the many distractions from an endless stream of thoughts or unnecessary sources of light. The mask completely blocks the light, and the LEDs from the inside pulsate slowly. During the night the lights are orange-red, and in the morning – light blue, which are considered the best types of light for deep and lighter sleep.

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Glo to Sleep - sleep mask

Muse Brain-Sensing Headband

You need to fix this gadget on the head like a tiara after downloading the Muse application, put the headphones on and close your eyes. With the help of electroencephalography (brain research method), the headband analyses the brain activity and gives you hints. For example, in a quiet state, there will be a sound of the forest or the sea. If your brain is very active and alert it will amplify sounds and change the tonality. It helps to distinguish between these different brain states, analyse and direct your thoughts and your well-being in the right direction.

Muse - Brain Sensing headband

Smart Pillow Ascona

This pillow is perfect for those who like to turn it over to the cool side. Isn’t that all of us? This exactly why this is my favourite one of all gadgets for relaxation. The top of the pillow is a soft massage cloth filled with the gel that always stays cool. The device is also covered with pimples massage your head pleasantly. But the most important thing is the inbuilt sensor that monitors the heart rate and breathing depth to analyse the quality of your sleep. To track the dynamics, download the application Sleepace.

Smart Pillow Ascona

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Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Ascona, Philips, Muse, Doppel

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