How to get back in shape after holidays?

As amazing as the holiday season is, more often than not it leaves us feeling bloated and blue when it’s over. You surely promised yourself to exercise more, eat healthier and take better care of yourself in 2019, but the good news is that you don’t have to resort to a crash diet or hours upon hours of exercise to get back on track quickly after holidays. Your body knows how to heal itself, but we put together a few gentle ways you can help it along the way.

water with lemon - how to get back in shape after holidays - backstage tales

Drink water with lemon

Start your morning with a glass of water with lemon. This will to prep your digestive system for the day, eliminate toxins and stimulate your liver. Lemon juice is similar to gastric and increases bile secretion.

Have some physical activity

Move around daily, preferably for an hour or more, but make sure you feel comfortable and not too exhausted. Try whatever you like – from simple jogging, stretching, walking to boxing or bikram yoga. Such training improves blood circulation and increases the flow of lymph, getting rid of toxins. Pay particular attention to abdominal breathing: take four short breaths one after another, then four short exhalations for 5 to 10 minutes, inhaling through your nose and exhaling with your mouth.

Drink herbal diuretic tea

During this ‘detox’ week you need to drink plenty of fluids – water and herbal diuretic teas. They speed up the lymphatic system and help clean the kidneys. Mint, chamomile, hawthorn, nettle, linden, lingonberry – these and other plants have a strong stimulating effect.

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jogging - how to get back in shape after holidays - backstage tales

Take a detox bath

A bath with essential oils, soda and salt is a great way to relax, relieve muscle aches, swelling and get rid of toxins. If you fancy a salt bath, you can choose Epsom salt which rich in magnesium, or pink Himalayan salt that contains about 80 great microelements. You can take such baths several times a week.

Rinse your mouth with coconut oil

Sounds weird, I know. This recommendation, however, is not new and is scientifically proven. Rinsing your mouth with coconut oil is comparable to the effect of chlorhexidine, which literally washes away harmful streptococci bacteria.

Enjoy some beauty treatments

Wraps, massages, cryo- and oxygen therapy are good procedures to relieve swelling. All these treatments improve microcirculation and activate the vascular system.

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hammam - how to get back in shape after holidays - backstage tales

Visit a sauna or hammam

Steam rooms work with the same principal as baths. They help open your pores and get rid of accumulated toxins. Ideally, you can also scrub or massage your body with a dry brush.

And how do you get back in shape after holidays? Share your advice in the comment section below.

Text: Irina Gorskaia

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