Glam to Gram: Jameela Jamil Takes on Body Positivity

Sadly, we are living in an era where people put forward edited and inflated images of themselves, in hope that their ‘idealised self’ will meet society’s expectations.

As humans we strive to be accepted by others and perceive ‘likes’ and positive comments as a virtual pat on the back. So, when one is shamed or criticised online, it can be very disheartening and damaging for one’s self esteem. We long to be approved by others, when we don’t even really approve of ourselves, which should actually be the most important approval.

Jameela Jamil has launched a body and mind positive Instagram account called @i_weigh, which encourages people to measure themselves by more than what they weigh and look like.

The launch of I Weigh was spurred on after her attention was brought to an Instagram post, which commented on how much each member of the Kardashian household weighed. If you ask me, finding out how much each family member weighs in kg is a sad use of someone’s time, as well as being completely unnecessary.

In response to this, she shared her own version of what she ‘weighed’, but replaced it with her own characteristics, skills and talents, rather than putting herself down about something very shallow – her physical attributes.

The aim of Jameela’s movement is to inspire people to value themselves and that beauty and self-worth is more than skin deep.

On the Instagram page, the TV presenter and model posts submissions from others, sharing how they weigh themselves beyond society’s expectations.

I feel that many of us find ourselves aimlessly scrolling through the explore page of Instagram bombarded with photos of ‘perfection’ and tips on how you change yourself to achieve the ‘ideal’ body and face.

Women are concentrating on the wrong things in life and have succumbed to the unrealistic expectations of having to be fun and love eating and drinking, but being cellulite free, having big boobs and tiny waists, with small noses and big eyes. Oh, and god forbid actually aging!!!

Even celebrities are regularly faced with this pressure being in the public eye and are constantly criticised and shamed both in magazines and online.

There are many more important goals we should be aspiring to achieve such as how many people’s lives we touch, our careers, the children we raise and the difference we make to the world in general. We must fight against a culture that listens to our bodies instead of what we are saying.

The “I Weigh” campaign is a reminder that your worth is not defined by your ‘weight’ in physical attributes and should instead be measured by your personality and achievements in life. You also certainly shouldn’t have to prove yourself to anyone on Instagram or get a certain amount of likes to show that you are worthy enough. Your body does not define who you are as a person.

Images: Instagram

Text: Chloe Humphries

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