How Grady twins from The Shining entered the fashion world

The image of blood-numbing Grady twins from Stanley Kubrick’s legendary film The Shining released in 1980 not only entered the history of cinematography but also became an endless source of inspiration for various creatives of the fashion industry.

the shining grady twins

Charming blue dresses with lantern sleeves, satin ribbons instead of the belt and neatly gathered curls – the ghost girls have turned from the most frightening heroines of horror to real muses over the past year. A scene from the film where two sisters are standing still holding hands, encouraging little Danny to play with them, was quoted by such fashion houses as Marco de Vincenzo, Undercover, and Alexa Chung. Such close attention to the Grady twins from the film links with the anniversary of the original story written by Stephen King – in 2017 the book turned 40 years.

Marco De Vincenzo - Backstage - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

In the Spring/Summer 2018 collection by the brand Marco de Vincenzo the designer presented handbags with a picture of the famous scene. Accessories on the podium were demonstrated by Sasha and Sonia Komarovs – sister models from Russia.

Marco De Vincenzo - Backstage - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

The Grady twins from the film appeared at the Undercover Spring-Summer 2018 fashion show. In her review of the collection, Vogue’s journalist Lauren Valenti states:

‘Transforming Undercover’s Spring 2018 runway into the Overlook Hotel, replete with shadowy mood lighting, Takahashi sent his models down the runway in pairs and holding hands, with two sets of identical twins mirroring The Gradys in haunting fashion, down to their Peter Pan collars, pink ribbon sashes, and knee-high white socks. But the most eerie part about the campy display? The unexpected appeal, and real-world potential, of their twinning hair looks: glossy chest-grazing, lived-in lengths parted to the side and swept over, and fastened with single plastic white flower clips’.

The Undercover, Spring Summer 2018 collection The Undercover, Spring Summer 2018 collection_2

The reference to the film was also noticeable in the lookbook of the new Virginia collection by Alexa Chung. The designer did not translate the images of the Grady twins as literally as her fashion designer colleagues, but the source of inspiration is obvious.

Alexa Chung, Virginia collection

It is known that when creating a cult scene Stanley Kubrick turned to the famous work of a famous American photographer Diane Arbus ‘Identical Twins’ that dates back to 1967.

identical twins

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Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Vogue, The Shining, Lorenzo Palizzolo

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