Hands-free selfie camera by Amazon

We are on the verge of fully trusting artificial intelligence more than each other, and now, America’s fastest growing online retailer Amazon have launched a style assistant device that tells you how you look because mirrors are just too mainstream. Am I right?

One can stick the device to a wall or keep it on a shelf

One can stick the device to a wall or keep it on a shelf.

Amazon launched Echo Look worth $200 last month, which is a well-upgraded version of the cheaper Echo and Echo Dot. The latest device includes Bluetooth, microphone, speaker and a camera with LED lights that blurs the background to make better quality pictures. It doesn’t have a screen, so you have to connect it to the Amazon app through Bluetooth.

How can a device judge your outfits?

It is linked to Style Check, an app that helps consumers choose best outfits based on the feedback from fashion experts and other users of the app. It also has the latest information on fashion trends stored through algorithms. Consumers can upload pictures in different outfits and the app tells you what looks best. Eventually, the app suggests customers buy new clothes from Amazon as it also feature the latest trends and garments.

It doesn’t only assist you getting dressed, but the hands-free device also clicks selfies with the help of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. You can just say, “Alexa, take a photo,” and the device will snap your full-length picture. Or, you can ask to make a short video to get a view from every angle. It then produces high-quality imagery which can be shared directly on social media. Alexa might be a great relief for fashion bloggers and Instagram stars? Imagine having a digital friend who’s always available helping you snap your latest looks. Over time, Echo Look will get to know you better and make better suggestions based on your body type, style preferences, wardrobe etc. The device will also create a look book from your everyday outfits.

Echo Look can also help consumers making new and smart purchases. Customers can try different clothes and ask the device what to buy. The device can also help you in surveillance at home, as it works after your demand.

All photos and video captured with your Echo Look are securely stored in the AWS cloud and locally in the Echo Look app until a customer deletes them,” – a spokesperson told Motherboard.

While fashion enthusiasts can drool over the digital assistant, the critics say that this device will make logical and rational decisions based on the information stored in it. For example, it will not judge the outfit based on comfort, occasion, emotions etc. Fashion is self-expression and this device will just make you wear trendy outfits and nothing more.

Do you want artificial intelligence to judge your style?

Text: Pinanki Shah

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