What to buy from the new H&M Conscious collection

By 2030 the Swedish company plans to use 100% of recycled materials in the production of their items. The new H&M Conscious collection shows that even sequins, velvet and evening dresses can comply with the principles of eco-friendly fashion if made from recycled bottles and fishing nets.

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2015

Recycled plastic sequins

No matter how beautiful the dress in sequins is, these sequins will still be made of plastic, even if we are talking about luxury fashion brands. Instead of producing tons of new sequins, H&M Conscious uses recycled plastic. Just take a look at the dress worn by Jessica Chastain in which the actress attended the Oscar award ceremony 4 years ago. The sequins for the dress were made from recycled bottles of shampoo. It looked absolutely stunning.

H&M Conscious Exclusive

If you wear a sequin, you will appreciate recycled plastic sequins.

Velvet from recycled polyester

Velvet is not a specific material, but a structure – a dense pile and a special interlacing of threads. If earlier, first in the East, then in Europe velvet was made from silk threads, today it is more often made of synthetic fibres. H&M Conscious technology in velvet production is very advanced according to the principles of sustainable fashion. This year the brand introduced velvet from recycled polyester which, according to H&M’s sustainable development manager Cecilia Brennsten, took several years to create.

H&M Conscious Exclusive

If you wear velvet, consider velvet made from recycled polyester.

Econyl® fibre

The H&M Group of Companies set a goal by 2030 to use 100% recycled or other sustainable materials in the production of their clothing. Judging by the H&M Conscious collection, the brand is on the right track from t-shirts to evening dresses. The latter is made from Econyl® nylon fibre, which is obtained from the processing of fishing nets and other waste.

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H&M Conscious Exclusive

If you wear evening dresses, then you would appreciate dresses from Econyl® fibre.

Recycled cashmere

The use of cashmere raises many questions, especially from the brands of the mass market. To produce this material at low-cost brands have to buy cheap raw materials in very large volumes. You can guess that animals, in this case, are unlikely to be kept on free pastures. Instead of producing new things from cashmere, H&M Conscious recycles the remnants of production and old items.

H&M Conscious Exclusive

If you wear cashmere, then you will like recycled cashmere items.

Earrings from recycled bottles

Conscious consumption is a thoughtful approach to everything. It is responsible for ethical and environmental outlook even in the smallest purchases. For example, jewellery. In the new H&M Conscious collection big earrings are made from recycled bottles, which in no way detracts from their gorgeousness. The accessory draws attention to itself and it doesn’t matter what you are wearing – a work jacket, jeans with a T-shirt or a Victorian dress.

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H&M Conscious Exclusive

If you wear big earrings, then earrings from recycled bottles deserve some space in your collection.

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: H&M

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