Hospitality in the Dock: A How-to Guide

Following the success of last year’s epic event at East London’s Grade 1 listed, Tobacco Dock Venue, Hospitality will be returning for round two of Hospitality in the Dock. Kicking off on the bank holiday weekend in March, the event is set to be another ear-splitting success with some of the greatest names in drum & bass, gracing the stages.

As well as some of the biggest prodigies behind the genre, there will be live acts, fresh street food, a well-stocked bar, and that classic raver atmosphere that keeps you moving into the night.

I pride myself in being a seasoned raver these days, having attended last year’s event, and plenty of other drum & bass events in the past, I have come to learn that with Hospitality… it only gets bigger, and better. And definitely louder.

If you’re looking for a day of big bass lines, enough sub to slap you silly, and continuous kicks and snares, then look no further because this is the event for you.

Hospitality in the Dock line-up.

Take a look at our 10-step, how-to guide for HITD 2018, and enjoy a day of mad tunes in the heart of the big smoke:

Arrive Early

Last year, we arrived later than planned. We underestimated how long it would take to park in North London and commute to the Dock… Let alone travel from Bournemouth to London. It was not a great start, meaning that I ended up missing one of my favourite artists: Fred V & Grafix.

This was just before their release of the magnificent, Cinematic Party Music, meaning that I missed small excerpts of their new album. I arrived just as they began to play their- HITD exclusive- new single, ‘Sugar’ which was a monumental treat in itself. Watching the set on YouTube later on, it was the most impressive set opening I had ever heard, and I was sorry I had missed it.

My advice to you: Get there early.

Plan your day with your mates

You know what it’s like. You want to see Camo & Krooked, but your mates want to skank it up with Congo Natty. Set clashes are inevitable at raves with multiple rooms and stages, but if you plan it in advance, you can all see who you want to see. Last year, I found myself catching the end of Noisia’s set after being immersed in Shapeshifter NZ’s incredible live performance. It was definitely a contrast, but after witnessing their remix, of ‘Dead Limit’ at the end of their set, I was glad I’d followed my mates back into The Gallery.

And since that moment, Upfront drum & bass has featured heavily in my Spotify playlists.  This year, checkout Audio B2B Ed Rush, the legendary names behind the alias, Killbox.

Go to the Afterparty at Fabric

Honestly, it’s the best decision I made all day. For some of you amateurs out there, raving all day, and then until 7am the next morning, may seem like a crazy idea but the atmosphere of this labyrinthine venue, was something else. Back then, I too, was still earning my place among the drum & bass heads, so was lagging behind on route to the afterparty. But a quick stop at Subway (which is right near Fabric FYI) and I was ready to go.

Although, I had already seen some of the artists playing at the club, their next sets were more potent, and entirely re-shaped for a hardened raver. The club’s sound system left jaws wide, and a permanent, electric buzz coursing through the air.

And if you stay until the morning, you’re just in time for a bacon and egg McMuffin.

Eat early

I decided I was too tough for breakfast. Don’t make this same mistake. Eat something before you get there, and grab lunch either before, or at midday to miss the queues. The food choices are vast, colourful and fill the venue with a plethora of aromatic and spicy scents that leave you craving food throughout the day. Nothing quite beats great food at a sick rave.

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Get drink tokens in advance

Rather than paying with cash at the bar, you exchange your cash for tokens at the beginning of the day. A great alternative to losing your cash after a few too many bevs…

Go see London Elektricity

I have seen London Elektricity (Tony Colman), a few times now, and each time I have been more impressed. His presence alone, sets the crowd alight. With his ground-breaking sick music, and enviable ability to mix jazz melodies with classic kicks and snares, he is definitely an artist you don’t want to miss.

Besides, with rumours of a new album on the way, we might possibly be in for some exclusive new tracks…?

London electricity

London Elektricity


Check out the glitter

Either apply it before you get there or get glittered up at the event! There were plenty of stalls available with boys and girls slapping on the glitter left, right and centre. You can either wear it scattered across your shoulders, or be a Greek goddess and wear it dusted across your cheek bones.

Just don’t sleep in it. You will find pigments in your pillow cases for the next 6 months.

Get some merch

T-shirts, posters, hats, and hoodies… You can buy it all! I have often forgotten to buy merch at raves, and events, and instantly regretted it the next day. Especially when you can’t buy the event tees online. If you don’t want to carry a t-shirt or hoodie around with you all day, wear something light to the event, buy a tee and wear it when you’re there!

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Check out all the stages at least once

Not into jungle? Give it a go anyway. Last year, I ended up spending most of my time in The Little Gallery, especially appreciating S.P.Y. and Nu:Tone’s Jungle set. The good news is, you can catch them again this year at The Little Gallery.

Also, be sure to check out Mala’s set for a more dubby, chilled-out vibe. As one of the co-founders of dubstep label, Deep Medi Musik, and another artist who featured at Hospitality in the Park, we’re looking forward to an intriguing show.

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Have a sick day!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! If you’re a drum & bass head, obsessed with electronic music, or a newbie trying out the scene for the first time, come along and experience a day of fast soul music, and earth-shattering bass.

We’ll see you there.

Will you be at Hospitality in the Dock this year?


Text: Millie Bull

Images: Hospital Records

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