How to prepare for when it’s just too hot

It may seem that you’ve got it covered when it comes to skincare, and you may ever think this article doesn’t apply to you. However, thick moisturisers, thick sun creams and the odd foot mask packet is not the answer. The sun is finally out or you’ve just touched down in your holiday resort and weather is hot, it’s humid, and you’re gasping for an ice-cold diet coke.

Listen to your skin, all over

Skincare isn’t just for a beautiful face. Your body is also craving some love and attention. The best formulas can mostly be found in serums and oils as opposed to lotions, so look for an ideal body serum or body oil which will offer all the ingredients your body is craving. The skin on your body is thicker than on your face, so take care to read ingredient lists and research your skin types best compatibility.

Keep topped up

Having beautiful skin on the outside starts from the inside, stay hydrated and keep your water bottle topped up even when you’re not thirsty. Drinking so much water that you need a loo break every hour is better than being dehydrated. Your skin will tell everyone before you can that your feeling hydrated. Water will keep the skin plump and soft, filling out any fine lines especially.

Exfoliate your way to smooth skin

Everyone knows a good quality scrub is the best way to every skincare lovers’ heart. The little bumps on the back of your arms, back or juicy bottom aren’t just any spots… they’re little balls of keratin which contributes towards a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris (KP). It’s easy to get rid of them and prevent them from forming when you exfoliate those forgotten areas. If you want to increase the time it takes, use an exfoliating mitt with a scrub to gently buff away. Always follow with a moisturiser.

Glowy legs for everyone

If there’s one tip I have for getting rid of dull, dry and pale legs it’s leaving a bottle of body oil in the bathroom in an obvious place. Remembering to rub oil into slightly damp and warm legs, means that the hydration will penetrate through the legs and soften them without them feeling greasy. This will also help with the protection of your skin being damaged by harsh soaps or hard water when washed again.

Sand-friendly SPF

The secret to a water and sand resistant sun protector would be one that is designed for sport, it’s usually more robust and will last the whole day. Yes girls and boys, this also means they should resist a sweaty forehead. This means you can use it every day and not have to fork out for a variety of sun creams. One bottle fits all!

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Glen Jackson, Aiony Haust

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