How to prolong your manicure

When it comes to a freshly-painted manicure or a splurge into nail art, there’s nothing more disheartening than a chipped nail, a smudge of polish or a fresh paint that only lasts a few days. Luckily, we’ve found the top 4 tips for prolonging your manicure – and the products that do your fresh mani justice.


It’s All About The Prep


When receiving a manicure, your nail technician will usually rub a nail polish remover on your nails before starting, regardless of whether or not you have polish on them, as this helps to get rid of any excess oil. The trick is to not skip this step if you’re opting for an at-home manicure as this will also help prevent your nail varnish from sticking and help you achieve longevity. 


Avoid Water At All Costs


‘’When carrying out a manicure at home, make sure that when you’re filing your nails, they are completely dry,’’ explains Senior Beauty Therapist at KAM Hair and Body Spa, Vivienne Curran. ‘’This is important as filing wet nails can cause splitting.’’ After your manicure, avoid water in the first 24 hours as water can get underneath gel nails causing them to peel and lift sooner than they normally would. 


Don’t Forget Your Layers


When it comes to your base coat, don’t just stop at one layer. To prevent early peeling, try painting two layers; one on the top half of your nail, and the second coat over the entire nail. This helps to prevent chips or split nailbeds. 


Refresh That Mani


‘’A couple of days after your manicure, it can start to look dull and maybe start chipping at the tips. The best way to revitalise and make them look mani fresh again is to re-apply a top coat every other day,’’ adds National Nail Expert at Mavala, Lynn Gray. ‘’Re-applying a top coat will not only give your mani that fresh ultra-glossy look but also gives a hard, elastic protective film over the nails to prolong your mani for longer.’’


For the best products to help prolong your mani, we recommend:

Essie Nail Care Strong Start Nail Polish Base Coat, £8.99

Start your mani right by applying a good strong base coat to help reinforce nails, leaving them harder and healthier. Can be used with or without nail colour.

Mavala ColourFix Top Coat, £10.35 

We’re definitely taking Mavala expert Lynn’s advice when it comes to prolonging our mani. Just two coats can help prevent chipped nails.

Leighton Denny Miracle Drop, £12

When it comes to an at-home mani, the worst step is waiting for the polish to dry but with these miracle drops you can get back to your day in no time.

Nails INC. Superfood Nail Repair Oil, £15 

Whether you’re treating yourself to a salon mani or an at-home makeover, using a repair oil is great for maintaining healthy nails and cuticles. Enriched with a blend of superfood oils, this formula helps to protect from chips and breakages. 

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File, £11.49

Sometimes, a chipped nail or a rugged edge is simply unavoidable and the nail file must make an appearance. ‘’If you can, try to opt for a crystal nail file instead of an emery board as crystal nail files are gentler on the nail and will not cause your nails to splinter, ‘’ explains Vivienne. 


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Text: Laura Ward

Images: Essie, Mavala, Leighton Denny, Nails INC, Daiga Ellaby

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