3 iconic music album covers by Peter Saville

In 2018 Riccardo Tisci worked on rebranding Burberry with a renowned British designer Peter Saville. Saville became famous when he started working at a record company Factory Records. There he created the covers for many iconic albums that you probably have in your media library or saw on your friends’ T-shirts. We chose the most iconic 3 of them for a review.

joy division - unknown pleasures

Peter Saville said that while working on this undoubtedly iconic album cover of the postpunk album by Joy Division, he received a concrete idea from the musicians of what they would like to see on it. Here are the graphics of hundreds of radio pulses from the pulsar PSR B1919 + 21. It was discovered in July 1967 by a girl named Jocelyn Bell, a graduate student of a Nobel Prize Winner in Physics Anthony Hewish (in fact, for this very discovery). The discovery happened during the work of researchers at the Mallard Radio Astronomy Observatory of the University of Cambridge. The image for the album cover was taken from the Cambridge Astronomical Encyclopaedia. Today this image can be seen on T-shirts, Dr. Martens, bags, pillows and many other items.

roxy music - flesh plus blood

The seventh studio album by Roxy Music was an almost immediate success. It instantly took off to the first position in the British charts. The group did not give Saville any indication of what they wanted to see on the cover of their album cover, so the designer chose to continue the band’s tradition of depicting women on their albums. A photo of three girls with spears was taken by Nick Kirk. On the front cover, you can see only two of them; the third one is on the back cover.

ultravox - the thin wall

‘The Thin Wall’ is the first single from the album of the band Rage in Eden. For Ultravox, Saville worked on both singles and the full album. Everything was impressive, but the version of the cover of ‘The Thin Wall’ with arms stretching out of the wall and their stretched shadows is definitely the most dramatic.

Which of Peter Saville’s music album covers are your favourites?

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: NME, BBC Arts

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