IKEA’s take on a fashion: an upheaval

That’s correct. IKEA have taken on the fashion world. From rags to riches the Swedish home furnishings store have revolutionised the way high end streetwear brands design their bestselling pieces adding their very own stamp. There is nothing we like better than combining practicality and style to channel an irony for edgy appeal. The obsession for new and unique ideas expands as streetwear grows more and more popular. So, what is it that makes a cheap Swedish home furnishings store such an inspiration for fellow streetwear enthusiasts?

IKEA fashion

It all began when Balenciaga created their own version of IKEA’S classic blue cheap carrier bag FRAKTA retailing at £1684.55 and so IKEA obviously went on to respond with an even stronger line with their own designs. Following this was IKEA’s FRAKTA backpack and watch.

The craze for IKEA’s industrial aesthetics were kick started in the media and individuals with a strong fashion sense wanted to create their very own DIY pieces such as IKEA-Branded Adidas Originals YEEZY BOOST 350 V2’s. The original inspiration is raw, straight from the streetwear consumers themselves, as they learn to create their very own IKEA branded pieces. The statement logo is recognised internationally and so the community for the pieces are welcomed with the uprising hype of urban styles. As individuals has been recreating their own pieces, custom kicks designer Mache watched over as the hype grew and developed into its very own mini collection. He redesigned his own YEEZY BOOST V2’s and took them into his local IKEA store to create a look book. After such a risky yet successful idea turned into a reality, Nike Air More Uptempo created a version with IKEA’s colour palette of sky blue and golden yellow, retailing at £149.21. The collaborations didn’t stop there, Champion X Vetements have recently created a hoodie with extended sleeve straps pasted with brand logos. So, of course IKEA did exactly the same…

However, the most iconic look is yet to be explained. The IKEA gas mask was released by another consumer in Beijing which made a huge but popular impact especially in social media. Zhjun Wang, designer of the IKEA inspired YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 gas mask, also created his own pair of YEEZY BOOSTS as he took to Instagram to show off his DIY skills.

Next was the Pleasures X Chintown Market Caps and Chinatown Market Do-Rag.

Although the craze first started during spring, it has continued, as the collection moves even further on social media with the UltraBOOST model thanks to the creator Edmondlooi. The soul base of the shoe displays the famously vibrant blue IKEA FRAKTA textile, labels are on display along with the strap of the FRAKTA handle reading ‘IKEA’. Will IKEA be inspiring you to create any boldly ironic pieces?

Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Hype Beast, Pleasures.now, Brucehatoo, thanksinsomnia, triwa, Zhjun Wang, ikeawears, Champion X Vetements

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