Instagrammer Jessica Kuang Shares Her Summer Beauty Secrets

Jessica Kuang’s Instagram page, which she operates under the name ‘peachytravels’ is brimming with beauty, travel, fashion and food content to delight her 20 thousand plus followers. With this in mind we thought New York based Jessica would be the perfect person to quiz on summer make- up tips.

Are there any summer beauty looks you’re loving at the moment?
I’m currently obsessed with metallic eye-shadow, and I’ve been using this NARS rose gold shadow daily! It helps bring out the eyes with a nice pop.

 Talk us through your typical daily makeup routine!
So my typical daily makeup routine first starts off with light concealer and bb cream to even out my skin tone, and to hide those dark circles. I tend to lean towards bb cream cause they’re light weight, and beneficial to the skin. Then I move onto my eyes, using an eye-shadow primer first before applying my beloved metallic rose gold eye-shadow.
After that I apply eyeliner with my gel liner before curling my lashes and applying mascara. Once my eye makeup is completed, I put a small amount of pink blush to add some colour to my skin, before using translucent powder to dab under my eyes to prevent my mascara from smearing.

Does your makeup routine differ in the summer to other times of the year?

My makeup routine does differ in the summer since it’s a lot hotter I often apply more translucent powder to reduce the shine and oiliness.

What would you recommend that would give our makeup a summery feel?
For a summery feel, I would definitely recommend opting for colourful and metallic eye-shadows to brighten up the eyes.

Any tips on how our makeup can last in this heat?
Translucent powder does wonders to help prevent makeup from smudging and running in the summer heat. I always finish off with this to keep my makeup lasting throughout the day.

Be sure to follow Jessica’s Instagram page @peachytravels. Meanwhile I’m off to grab myself some rose gold eye-shadow to make sure I look hot this summer!


Text: Chaz Pond
Images: peachytravels Instagram.

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