Interview with beauty-guru Jabba’s Make-Up

With such a growing following (unsurprisingly) in both the industry and social media, Jabbas Makeup, otherwise known as Brooke Stanley, chats to us about how she has got to where she has, who inspires her the most and what’s next for her career. Stanley’s love for cruelty-free products and ethnic morals makes her stands out from the crowd and inspires her audience with fun and confident looks. Not only this, her bubbly personality and love for colour comes out in her work with such artistic skills, letting creativity run wild.


What made you realise you wanted to be a make-up artist?

I have always been creative as a child, drawing, and painting and making a mess; and when I realized that makeup artists got to do that every day, I just knew it was the perfect career choice for me!

How did you get into the industry and find such a large following on social media’s such as Instagram?

I first got into the industry by doing a 6-month intensive makeup course, and from there did loads of photo shoots and freelance jobs and then eventually started working in retail artistry, which I still currently do alongside social media. I found that my following started going up a lot when I started doing looks that I wanted to do and didn’t concern myself with how many likes I was getting. Also using a better setup really helped me, everything changed when I got a camera and a ring light and started using my wall as a background for pictures!

What made you make the leap from Aussie home to London Bound?

It’s always been a dream of mine to live abroad and experience different places and cultures other than Australia! One of my biggest passions other than makeup is travelling; so London is the perfect place because it’s such a large multicultural city and its full of amazing opportunities within the makeup community! And of course, it’s so close and accessible to all parts of Europe, which means more travelling for me!


You work with cruelty free brands such as NYX Cosmetics, do you find it easier to find cruelty free brands than you did when you first started? Or do we have a long way to go before achieving an ideal cosmetic world?

I made the switch to cruelty-free about a year ago now, and honestly, I only threw away about 5 products out of all of my makeup (which is a lot haha). I think its soooo accessible now, and there are so many cruelty-free options! I still think the world has a long way to go with it, but more and more brands are getting on board and more and more people are beginning to make the switch which is absolutely incredible. Cruelty-free beauty is definitely the way forward.

You focus on using fun and vibrant colours, what do you enjoy the most about making such looks?

I absolutely love to use colour! When I do my looks I plan around what colours I’m going to use, rather than actually thinking about what sort of makeup to do. I think from eyeshadows and lip colours to the colour of the background and hair I’m going to have, and completely base my look from that! It’s a bad day for me if you see me in brown eyeshadow haha!

Who are your biggest beauty-guru inspirations?

My biggest beauty guru inspirations change on the regular. I become obsessed with someone’s page for a few months and then find someone new and so on! But some of my all-time favourite inspirations would be Kimberly Margarita and Heather Moorehouse (makeupmouse). I could literally look at their Instagram’s forever! They are so artistic and creative and unique!


What cosmetic could you not live without?

This is such a hard question! I don’t think I could live without foundation! All of my looks always change and I use so many different products, but I always love a good full coverage base!

What are your top tips when achieving the ultimate make-up look?

My top tips when achieving the ultimate makeup look is just to have fun! Go with whatever your feeling, some of my most popular looks have been me getting annoyed with how it’s going and just throwing a bunch of glitter of and calling it a day. And I always love doing makeup while watching RuPaul’s drag race, that always gets me in the mood to do something creative and fun!

You recently got into the top 20 NYX Face Awards (Congratulations!), what’s next for you in your career?

Thank you so much! My goals for this year is definitely to put more effort into my social media career. I’m going to be posting more looks and tutorials and hopefully kick start my Youtube channel and get that going. It’s only upwards from here! Watch this space!


You have recently begun your YouTube Channel, what aspirations do you have for your channel? And what do you want people to take away most of all from your videos?

I’d love to become a lot more active on my Youtube channel and make it a fun, colourful place just like my Instagram! You can definitely expect more crazy tutorials and fun things on there in 2018 that’s for sure!


Be sure to check out her Youtube Channel and Instagram Page.

Images: Jabbasmakeup

Interviewed by Ellie Botti

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