Istituto Marangoni Graduate Fashion Show: Under The Light

The Istituto Marangoni London, a renowned fashion and design school, put on a display entitled Under The Light, in order to showcase the 10 best fashion design graduates.

The show took inspiration from the light being a symbol of new beginnings, which is quite fitting for the recent graduates. Light played a huge role in the show as the performance took place within the Bankside vaults, which was a dark space until the show commenced. The use of light drew the attention of the audience from the runway to platforms and so forth throughout the night to display the collections in a modern fashion. The platforms hosted the collection as well as the designer, allowing spectators to get a closer look at the garments created by each graduate. The minimalist look of the venue allowed for an intense focus to be placed upon the clothing.

During the fashion show, it was announced that Karina Ayu Ghimas had won the  Best Inter-school Womenswear of the Year,  selected among all European Schools.

Each collection was outstandingly different from the last but boasted a theme of cohesion within each. The designers’ use of colour scheme, as well as their background inspiration, was exquisitely displayed in every piece of their work.

The wide range of fabrics and textures used by the designers had audiences gripping onto every detail. The designers broke boundaries on materials used for accessories including backpacks made from a grass-like material and corset-like apparatuses made of thick leather.

Toe Shwe Zin Myint

Toe Shwe Zin Myint took inspiration for the positive impacts humans are making towards the rehabilitation of marine life through manmade prosthetics and orthotics.

IIona Hars

IIona Hars’ collection was inspired by the colour, shapes and texture of her home, Norway. She also mix in the details and silhouettes of 1930-40’s skiwear.

Viola Menchini

A collection that particularly stood out was Viola Menchini’s ‘L’amor perduto’. Her whimsical theme of love was ever present in her collection. The light flowy garments mixed with the semi-transparent stiff material, really displayed the rollercoaster love is facing in today’s society.

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Text: Kate Bogenrieder

Images: Kinsmen Photography

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