To Buy or Not to Buy: the Jacquemus Mini Bag

Simon Porte Jacquemus debuted the ‘Le Chiquito’ mini bag at Paris Fashion Week during his AW19 collection. It has certainly become a topic of discussion, making us ask: is it an investment piece or another fad for fashion victims?

One thing to love about fashion is the repetitive life-cycle of trends. One decade will rage about giant tote bags that fit in all your essentials and more, covered with zips and pockets. But a couple of years later, it is the smaller the bag, the better. Give or take a decade or two, you’ll find that trends have a habit of coming back over and over again, meaning you can reuse and recycle your bags for years and years to come.

But this season, it’s all eyes on the Jacquemus mini bag. It’s a refreshing trend that may not be practical but will definitely set you apart from a crowd. More than a bag but a talking point, some people are considering it an adorable addition to their wardrobe, willing to spend anything. Others find it utterly ridiculous, considering the price of the item for the size.

So why are customers interested in purchasing this bag when it is so expensive and impractical? Purchases are emotional; what we buy is how the product makes us feel. It’s cute, it’s small, it’s from a brilliant, on-trend brand and arguably, the most important aspect for some is that not everyone can afford the beauty of Jacquemus. That gives rise to exclusivity: the desire to own the never been done before mini-mini bag.

There is nothing wrong with making purchases based on emotions but the brand’s marketing strategy will know to tap into this idea. Designing and manufacturing an item that will undoubtedly split the vote in two means raising awareness to the brand and product itself. Individuals may be quick to voice that it is a waste of money; others deem it eye-catching and charming – a sure-fire way to gain hundreds of likes, persuading some to make that purchase. You don’t need it but you want it for whatever reason, and that is where emotions play a role.

But what are your thoughts on this latest fashion sensation? Would you buy it for its unique, novelty aesthetic, creating a talking point and endless street style opportunities, or do you think fashion has taken it a step too far, a fad which promotes hierarchy and exclusivity? Tell us in the comments below.

Text: Ananya Jain

Images: Jacquemus Instagram,,, brownsfashion, Elle

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