What jobs Hollywood is looking for right now and how to get them

Many of us have dreamed of all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – to be able to work along some of the entertainment industry greats. To fulfil our dreams and become the next Marilyn Monroe, Quentin Tarantino or Steven Speilberg. But what does Hollywood actually want? What jobs in Hollywood are in-demand right now and how can we get them?!

What jobs in Hollywood are in-demand right now and how can we get them?

According to ‘Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation analysis of Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data published in 2018, Hollywood is on the hunt for more film and video editors, directors, producers and audio and video technicians. Due to a growth in many entertainment industries like film, spectator sports, performing arts and sound recording, Hollywood was said (in 2018) to add a total of 490 jobs in the coming four years. And, of the 26,970 job openings that were said (in 2018) to come in the next four years, 26,480 were expected to be replacement positions.

Hollywood in-demand jobs

So, how to go about actually becoming part of the film industry itself and landing a job? The best way to get involved in anything, whether you’re starting from scratch or already know what you’re doing, is to be as involved as possible in all things regarding the potential job. For example, attend as many events you can, screenings and launches (many free events are easy to find!) and try and network with as many people as you can. The best way to get into the entertainment industry is to network. Meet and connect with as many people as possible, all of whom could one day help you achieve and land your perfect job.

Just know that the film industry is tough to crack, and many people are happy to share their knowledge and guide you along the way.

Hollywood in-demand jobs

What’s your ideal Hollywood job?

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