Famed Explorer Levison Wood & His Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket

Levison Wood is a man who has lived an incredibly interesting life. A former correspondent and paratrooper turned photographer and explorer, Wood is a modern adventurer with thousands of incredible stories to tell from places all around the globe.

Levision woods Belstaff

Early Beginnings

The ex-soldier’s thirst for travel started when he was just a child and his first big trip would take place when he was 18-years-old. Wood hitchhiked all the way from England to India with a gap year in places like South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe opening him up to the world around him and introducing him to new people and ideas.

Traversing The Nile

Since this early experience, Wood has travelled to over 80 countries around the world as both a career and for leisure. One of his most famous and dramatic experiences, however, occurred back in 2013 when he embarked on a record-breaking nine-month journey across the River Nile – the world’s longest river. This incredible 4,000 mile-journey took him through six African countries where he endured the harshest terrains, extreme heat, encounters with deadly creatures and through active war zones. He reflected on this arduous trip:

“All the way it was about documenting a moment in time,’ Wood explains. ‘I wasn’t there to provide the history of the Nile; I wasn’t there to give socio-political commentary; it was simply my journey walking through six very different countries and my experience.”

Levision woods Belstaff

The Arabian Peninsula

As if this wasn’t enough, Woods would next embark on an even more challenging and dangerous expedition – a 5,000-mile circumnavigation of the Arabian peninsula. Woods described the biggest challenge of this trip as:

“Crossing difficult borders in times of conflict, particularly in places such as Iraq, Syria and Yemen, not to mention the practical difficulties of travelling across the ‘Empty Quarter’ desert, one of the harshest environments in the world.”

Reliable Kit

Woods is also a strong believer in a reliable kit that also looks good, particularly his Belstaff Fieldmaster jacket:

“I’ve worn my Belstaff jacket in every kind of environment, from jungles to deserts to mountaintops. That’s what Belstaff has right – these jackets are durable and robust… you can wear them anywhere.”

Woods was involved with the designing of his special edition Fieldmaster jacket which is versatile, water-repellant with cotton twill that wicks sweat away from the body and features storm-proof pockets. This is a jacket that can endure the harshest of terrains while still looking fantastic.

Woods certainly has led an interesting life and pushed himself to the limit. He is an inspiration to anyone with a thirst for travel and pushing their boundaries and he hopes to inspire the next generation of explorers and travellers which is a vision that both he and Belstaff share.

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