LFW street style: All about the details

London fashion week is over for this time, but at least we have some great street style photography to look back at. This season it’s been all about the creative and original accessorize.


Glasses really are the perfect accessory; they just naturally make you look cool. You know how whenever you see someone wear sunglasses inside and you just think that that person is so awesome, you can be that awesome too. Really isn’t that hard; just wear glasses!


It’s amazing how much your hair can do to the outfit. I mean, these looks kind of just does it all. So much more fun than a ponytail. But then again, your hair’s more consistent than a bag, and once it’s done it’s going be like that for a while, so it might just be easier with a colourful bag. Dilemmas, dilemmas…


It’s time to bring out your most eye-catching shoes and bags. If you’ve got any old and funny purses laying around from when you were younger, now is your time to use them.


Are you brave enough for this trend? A lot of us find it quite easy to wear core colours such as black, and then maybe a some more every now and then, but there’s no getting away from the fact that colour really brings a lot more energy into the look. Going away from those unwritten rules about what colours that mix and match, there really is a lot more room for creativity and fun.

Denim forever

Denim is big this season and especially when there’s a creative twist to it. Whether you’re going for jeans, a denim jacket or denim from top to toe, it really doesn’t have to be boring or casual, you can dress it up! And if you’ve got old denim items laying around your home, then why not do a little DIY-project? You can take inspiration from the image above, or maybe go and get yourself some iron-on patches or studs and use your own imagination?

What’s your favourite look?

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Text: Christine Rye-Johnson

Images: Chris Taylor, Gill Case

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