Lightweight serums for the summer

The term ‘lightweight’ becomes a phrase we all come to live by come summer, when we find ourselves shedding layers, opting for CC creams and tinted moisturisers and leaving our hair to dry naturally. Skincare also gets a whole new makeover with swapping thicker creams to lighter gels and adding in higher SPF’s, so why shouldn’t serums also carry across the natural and lighter approach?

Exchanging rich, and sometimes creamy, formulas for lightweight and almost second skin-like serums to achieve balanced complexions. As Beauty Expert Jane Scrivner explains, maintaining your skin’s hydration is a must. Keep it regularly ‘watered’ to maintain healthy, fresh, plump and smooth skin. Serums are an excellent option for adding extra moisture and can also be used instead of a moisturiser during summer.

So, time to get ready for summer skin with our recommendations for the serums we should switch to.

La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum- £38

A new skincare breakthrough, this Pure Vitamin C10 offers an incredible 10% formula to bring back the brightness you’ve been missing.

Dr Emma Wedgeworth says “Vitamin C is an essential part of a daily skin care regime. It’s a powerful tool to protect our skin against environmental damage such as pollution and infrared radiation, whilst simultaneously boosting and brightening the skin.”

Madame LA LA West Coast Bronzing Serum- £25

We all love a good multitasking product and this Bronzing Serum is no different. Infused with coco water, green tea and Vitamins A & C, this compact on-the-go serum contains a tinted formula, which adapts to all skin tones, that develops gradually whilst boosting cellular renewal and collagen production for a smoother and more golden complexion.

Amly City Screen Face Serum- £62

If you’re a city breaks let’s go explore rather than a sit on a beach and tan gal then this serum is for you. While you hydrate and achieve smooth skin, this serum also protects against environmental pollution. An antidote to city grime, this daily defence leaves your skin clear, cushioned and looking healthy over your three, four or five-day break.

Skyn ICELAND’s Icelandic Youth Serum,-£40

Powered by Astaxanthin, (a micro-algae sourced from Iceland) deemed to be 100x more powerful than Vitamin C, this supercharged serum prevents stress-induced signs of ageing – great for any high pressured situations (anyone else get stressed when trying to fit your entire wardrobe in your suitcase? Just us?).


Jane Scrivner Bioluronic Buzz- £32

Give thirsty skin a mega dose of hydration and bring it back from the brink of dry, flaky skin with this hyaluronic acid-based serum. Jane Scrivner adds “My Bioluronic Buzz contains bio-fermented hyaluronic acid and is a water-like serum that provides the skin with an instant, cooling hit of hydration to immediately pull water into the skin.”


Are you using serums in your skincare routine?

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Text: Laura Ward

Images: La Roche-Posay, Madam LA LA, Amly, Skyn, Jane Scrivner,

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