Longer Days and Lighter Shades: Hbeauty’s Summer Make-up

When the weather’s as nice as it has been lately you want to ensure you pick a makeup look that compliments the sunny season, especially if you’re going to be taking some cheeky summer snaps for your Instagram. Luckily enough we were able to get some top tips and recommendations from founder of HBeauty, Halimah , on some shining products and make-up looks to test out during the warmest months of the year.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and what they do?
At Hbeauty I make sure I have a great friendly team of makeup hair and henna artists as well as stylists. A one stop shop for weddings, parties or corporate events. I choose the best of the best products and the most current trends, national and global.

Founder of Hbeauty, Halimah has been practising Henna for years as well as having an abundance of experience in professional and wedding makeup and hair. Along with her small team of specialists in these fields she now passes on her expertise through the company’s professional makeup and Henna Training.  

Do you think your looks/ beauty ideas differ in the summer compared to other months?
The festival feel comes into play with henna and glitter. With Makeup, lipstick especially, it stays lighter in colour as the days are longer. People want a daytime look!

What tips do you have that will give our makeup a summery feel?
Keep your skin light with less foundation. Maybe use a blur stick plus a tinted moisturiser. You can keep your t-zone matt. Get a lash lift so you can use less mascara!

What’s your go to makeup look at the moment?
I cannot live without Iconic highlighter and the Urban Decay Beach palette.

Talk us through your typical make up  routine for summer days
Primer (which can be Blur Stick By Revolution Pro), Nars foundation or just concealer, Iconic highlighter. A touch of Daniel Sandler Hottie Tottie Watercolour blusher and Charlotte Tilbury mascara . Maybe a matte lipstick to stop melting in the HEAT. Set it all with Urban Decay all nighter spray.

Be sure to check out Hbeauty’s Instagram page @halimahbeauty. Or go to their website: www.hbeauty.co/

TEXT: Chaz Pond
IMAGES: Hbeauty website and Instagram.

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