Staying in Love When You’re in The Entertainment Industry

Being a performer, whether that’s an actor, musician, dancer or anything in the arts, can be difficult in a relationship; especially if both of you are in the entertainment industry. One thing you have to remember is that performers have hectic schedules. And it’s essential to collaborate with your partner and make time (not only for your arts) but to see one another. You may have conflicting schedules, and that can be a challenge, but it’s not the end of your relationship. It’s about making time to see one another and making time independently for yourself and your art.

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Trust and long distance

There will be times in your relationship where you are not in the same state or even the same country as your family, let alone your partner. You need to get used to long distance relationships, and talking to each other on the phone or Skype because you’re not going to be in the same location. And another issue with long distance relationships is trust. You need to trust your partner because they will inevitably be in a situation where they may be tempted to step outside of the relationship and cheat. There is a high level of infidelity in the entertainment industry. Sometimes actors will meet someone on the set, and they are drawn to their scene partner because they’re in a love scene. With musicians, they might collaborate with another performer and then develop feelings for that person. It’s imperative to spend time together and build trust for your partner. Communicate with your partner, and let them know if you don’t want to be together anymore.

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Mental health and stress in the arts

A lot of entertainers get stressed out due to the nature of their jobs. Stress and mental health issues are real. In the entertainment industry, many people have mental health issues or conditions. Whether it’s bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health condition. Many performers deal with substance abuse. Starting with stress, the entertainment industry is extremely stressful. You might unknowingly take the stress out on your partner. If you do, apologize and let your partner know that you care about them and value their feelings. There’s a lot of temptation when it comes to drugs and alcohol because, in most performance businesses, you will be at parties where you have the opportunity to partake in substances. You need to have some severe boundaries when it comes to substance use or abuse. When performers get hooked on substances, it can create a divide in a romantic relationship. Drugs and alcohol have ruined romantic relationships.

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If you’re a performer and you’re with someone who doesn’t perform

It’s crucial that if you’re someone who is in a relationship with a performer that you respect their creativity. They need time to listen to their creative muse and create. If you’re the performer, understand that your partner needs and deserves attention and affection. You want to be mindful of spending quality time with them. It’s a balance of trust, respect, and love.

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Couples counseling

Whether you’re working with an online counselor or someone in your local area, counseling can help some of these issues. It’s crucial to understand that you and your partner can reach out for help if you need to do so. If you find that your relationship is struggling due to issues surrounding being in the entertainment industry, talk to the mental health professionals at They want to help your partnership succeed through online couples counseling. You and your partner will make it through hard times if you’re dedicated to communicating and trusting each other.

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