Makeup brands to consider for the summer

It’s the time of year when summer weddings, holidays abroad or late-night party invitations start to roll in and the time when we begin to consider what makeup we want to experiment with. It’s important to consider how well it will last, how good quality the formulations are and just what it is that draws you to that product. We play with some makeup brands that don’t always get the spotlight on the drug store shelf or in a high-end cabinet.

Milani Baked Bronzer, £7.00

This summer favourite packs a punch as the formulation adds a sparkle to any day or evening look. The bronzer has a beautiful burnt orange and pink pigment with a high density of shimmer, therefore enabling a warm glow to cheeky bones, tips of a nose, collar bones and anywhere else that needs a natural shine.

LA Girl Setting Spray, £5.99

I’m usually hesitant about setting spray’s, they can be a waste of time and just make your face wet for no reason and others help to party well into the night. I would rate this setting a spray a 7/10, baring in mind it’s more affordable than other well-known brands. The spray is a perfect size to add to any makeup bag but also designed into being an easy applicant.

Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze

What a way of package an item- a matte black tin. I was drawn to this product for its individuality, but the cream blush applies smoothly to the cheeks as the pigmented colour warms the skin tone… perfect for summer. The blush perfectly blends into cool toned skin whilst a darker shade would be appropriate for a warmer skin tone.

 Primark Fake It Mascara, £2.50

Girls and boys I’ve cracked the Benefit Bad Gal lashes dupe of all time but at a 10th of the price. At just £3 this mascara applies clump-less, smoothly elongating eyelashes and opening up the depth of the eye. The mascara is long lasting and provides all-day coverage without any leakage or black marks under the lash line.

Diego Dalla Palma Nel Blu Dip into Di Blu Eyeshadow Pallette, £35.21

This is possibly the prettiest packaging I’ve ever seen. The Diego Dalla Palma eyeshadow pallet packaging has been designed with embroidery on the lid of the packaging. The pallet has four cool shades from white to blue which all compliment hazel, blue and green eyes. Their pigmentation leaves a quality finish.

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Diego Dalla Palma, Glamour, Nudestix, Beauty Bay, LA Girl, Lozano, Raphael Lovaski

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