Why you’re moisturising incorrectly

Everybody knows that moisturising is the most crucial step in the process of looking after your skin and promoting youthfulness for as long as possible. However, not everybody realises the mistakes their making when reaching for their favourite brands. If you have oily skin you may think that this isn’t for you, but listen up… you are one of the most important listeners.

Stop comparing

Your skin type is different to any other, it can be similar to some but it is never usually ideal for the same skincare your friends use. Listen to your skin and do your own research, look into what ingredients are ideal for you. Most quality skin care brands will list openly and honestly the ingredients they use within their formulas and it is about looking for the right ones for you. Finding the perfect moisturiser will take as long as it takes.

Stop rushing the patch test

I know I’ll happily swatch a lip shade or foundation colour on the back of my hand in a drug store so what’s my excuse for doing the same with a product I will use on your skin every day? Learn what will clog up your pores, irritate your skin or worsen acne before it’s too late. If you have sensitive skin it is recommended to take at least a week to test the moisturiser- don’t be afraid to ask for a sample especially if you want to invest in a decent moisturiser.

You forget the SPF

Although skin cells will renew- your skin will be with you your entire life. It is the mechanics to protect your body and internal damage so look after it. Using an SPF after a cleanser, serum or moisturiser is a usually forgotten step until our hot summer holiday. However, SPF is crucial every day of the year to protect the body from UVA and UVB rays as well as provide a barrier to ageing skin.

Use less scrubs

Don’t be fooled, if your skin is dry or flakey it is probably crying out for some TLC rather than being scrubbed off. Leave the charcoal masks, facial peels and scrubs on the shop shelf and reach for a moisturiser.

The oily myth

If you have oily or even combination skin, you will probably be hesitant to stick to a moisturising routine. However, did you know that the reason the skin produces so much oil is that it over compensates for dry skin? Help to balance your skins hydration with regular moisturisers.

There are day and night moisturisers for a reason

You may think that a day and night moisturiser is too much of a stretch for this month’s budget, but don’t be fooled. Most people make the error of using a day moisturiser at night when night moisturisers have been formulated to correspond with the body’s reparation time during that sacred sleep period.

Leave your skin to soak

Although it is known that blood circulation will be more likely to absorb moisture, being too aggressive whilst rubbing in moisturisers can actually promote premature wrinkles and fine lines. Let your skin to soak in that serum or moisturiser for a few minutes before applying your make up.

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Ian Dooley, Unsplash

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