Brands are launching mood-boosting beauty products

In 2019 anti-stress and mood-boosting beauty products are predicted to get 24% more popular than before. We look at what brands are launching these products and whether they are worth investing in.

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Among the fragrances and cosmetic oils on the beauty stands at almost every shopping mall there are now some product that promise to ‘boost your mood’. Brands that promote ‘clean beauty’ and a responsible attitude to nature were one of the first to launch such products. For example, you can find mood-boosting beauty products made by Osea, The Nue Co., Milèo and many others. In the leaflet for such products it’s usually written about its anti-stress effect and a promise of positive emotions you would feel in just a few seconds after application.

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mood boosting beauty products osea x the nue co

In November, a clean beauty brand Osea and a wellness brand The Nue Co. presented some products designed to manage stress. Osea’s Vagus Nerve Oil is a body oil of which, according to the packaging, one should “take a few deep breaths while massaging product into the neck,” in order to regulate stress. The Nue Co. debuted a “functional fragrance” that works like a traditional perfume. Its packaging prompts claims users can spray it onto their wrists and neck, and inhale and exhale for several seconds to reduce stress. Milèo, a luxury face oil brand, will release its fifth product in February. Instructions tell customers to apply the product and then cup their hands around their nose and mouth to inspire feelings of joy.

“What we are learning here, especially with [anti-anxiety products], is that beauty is not just about your skin,” said Yarden Horowitz, co-founder of consumer trend predictor Spate. “It goes deeper than that and taps into mood, rituals and how [beauty] has an effect on your mental state.”

mood boosting beauty products osea x the nue co

According to a Google Trends, over the past 12 months, interest in products and ingredients associated with stress relief has increased significantly. Experts predict that next year these numbers will increase by another 24%.

While there are preclinical studies to support that scents like bergamot can elevate mood and mitigate symptoms of stress, rigorous clinical evidence around if aromatherapy can assist healthy people with stress reduction is scanter. A 2014 meta-analysis study that looked for randomized control trials determined that there is limited evidence suggesting that aroma inhalation may be effective in controlling stress.

“The data that is available is very heterogeneous,” said Dr. Nicholas Rowan, M.D., assistant professor of otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Stress is also objectively hard to measure, so saying something reduces stress is a misnomer, he said.

But that has not stopped brands from purporting the supposed benefits of aromatherapeutic stress reduction. Whether the effects of it are real or not, at least a placebo effect is definitely guaranteed. At the end of the day, the products are not the cheapest and will be an addition to your current ones, not a replacement.

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Would you be trying out mood-boosting beauty products?

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