Musicians to look out for: Autumn Jones

Autumn Jones is a singer-songwriter from Maplewood, New Jersey. The soulful R&B music she creates is an expression of her life experiences. As a proud lyricist, she believes that the combination of words and music are extremely powerful. We asked the artist about what drives her to create and how does she see her musical journey unfold in the next few years.

Autumn Jones - musicians to look out for

How and when did you start your musical journey?

My parents are very passionate self-taught musicians so I was encouraged to explore music at a young age. I found a passion for singing and playing piano and then began combining it with my writing and poetry.

How did your upbringing influence your music and the way you work?

I definitely feel that if I didn’t have such a supportive family I would never have tried to expand my music education. Being a student of my craft has brought me to new levels and I hope to keep progressing as long as I keep learning.

Autumn Jones - musicians to look out for

What is the main message you wish to deliver with your music?

I want everyone who hears the affection of my songs and its lyrics to have some sort of emotional awakening or individual movement within themselves. It could be anything from laughing for the first time in months to finally letting yourself feel moved and cry. My purpose is to show others what THEY are capable of by helping them realize their own true feelings.

Do you think song/lyric writing is a talent you have to be born with or something you can learn?

I think that good song/lyric writing and creating interesting stories is something that can be learned specifically through reading. I’m in college so I get how it is. It’s really hard to fill any free time (if any) with reading, especially for pleasure. But reading has really helped me create my stories, added to my vocabulary and has aided in creating characters and alternate perspectives. For me, my songs are based on the events that have happened in my life. My lyrics are based on past experiences and the people in my life. I’m most proud of my first single “Walls” because it truly captured all that I felt about what I was going through. I wrote it about my first love in high school. He went from being the person I talked to every day to barely being able to look at each other and say what was on our minds. I felt like he was shutting me out and so the chorus goes “And it’s been so hard talking to these Walls of yours

Autumn Jones - musicians to look out for

You will be performing at the Musaico music festival in Valencia in May. What are you looking forward to the most?  

I’m super excited to be featured on a song by a peer of mine. I’ll be performing the rap that I wrote at the festival. I’ve had experience rapping before in a previous original, but I was just starting out and couldn’t figure out how to present myself, since I consider myself a singer. It’s an added path I’m still learning and discovering and I’ve really been working on the performance aspect of rap. So it’ll definitely be cool and refreshing from my original kind of set.

Your recent album ‘Bloom’ is a huge success. What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Thank you!! I’m currently getting ready to release a few new singles and am taking some time off this summer from the plethora of performances and rehearsals to focus on my writing. I have a lot to say these days and I’m really excited to share these stories with everyone. The songs are about Freedom. Freedom from societal standards, freedom to make your own choices, and freedom from your own self-doubts.

One of the lines from one of the upcoming singles is –

“Leave your stressing somewhere over on the sidelines. Your time to shine, Just relax your mind”

This represents the philosophy I want to live by this summer, especially when I’m chilling on the beach in my bathing suit.

In a few years, I would love to be touring around the States and/or Europe performing my songs and opening for my idols and making music with as many people as I can.

Autumn Jones - musicians to look out for

Listen to Autumn Jones HERE.

Interviewed by: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Autumn Jones Archives

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