Musicians to look out for: Chunder

A new band from Russia, Chunder, just returned from their first big summer tour around Russia and Ukraine. Great harsh and sincere punk rock in English is exactly what we needed. Their new EP Insight is both literal and sentimental, reflective yet relatable. It’s also packaged neatly into two or three-minute bursts of driving guitars and yelp-worthy lyrics. Four young guys from St Petersburg – Artem, Ilya, Sergey and Kirill – played alongside Fake Fun and were accompanied by the Moscow vinyl hero DJ Köt. We met up with the band to discuss their musical journey, the new EP and future ambitions.

musicians to look out for - chunder. russia

How did your musical journey start?

ARTEM: Our music trip started in 2012 when we were studying in high school. We formed a band and began to share our musical preferences with each other. It formed a language of understanding between us that we still use today.

You just released the ‘Insight’ EP. What was your highlight when writing it?

ILYA: We wanted to make this EP as a transition between our old sound and something that we want to do in the future. The more we make music together the less doubt we have that our evolution as a band goes the right way. This vision that we share stands for the name of our record “Insight”.

musicians to look out for - chunder. russia

Do you ever disagree about how the song should sound like?

KIRILL: We sometimes have different opinions about songs. Everyone has got their own ideas about music and sound, but we always try to find a compromise, which will satisfy each Chunder member.

How has your vision of your music change over time since releasing the first album?

ILYA: We definitely became more open towards different ways of expression and try to make our music less attached to any genre, would it be hardcore/punk/alternative etc. For us, it’s now more about finding our personal voice and I truly believe we are starting to succeed in it.

chunder band from st petersburg on tour around russia

Which other musicians inspire and influence you?

KIRILL: There are many different bands and artists, who inspired us in our music, but the majority of them are already broke up. We also like modern music, especially when we see something new and fresh.

musicians to look out for - chunder. russia

Do you ever get nervous when performing? Do you have any rituals before a gig?

SERGEY: I am always nervous before the show and during the show. I can’t do anything about it, I’m always anxious about any situations in which something depends on me, but this is normal, I’m just nervous. By the middle of the set it goes away and I just enjoy it.

ILYA: I think I get more nervous in front of a small crowd, and the bigger it gets the better I feel.

musicians to look out for - chunder. russia

What part of the tour life are you normally looking forward to the most?

KIRILL: The best part of the tour life is the concerts themselves. You play almost every day and that’s great. I feel like for me it’s the only way to live this life.

ILYA: The best part for me is life on the road. I like to travel, see different places and meet new people. For me, it’s as important as making music.

chunder band from st petersburg on tour around russia

Where do you see Chunder in the next 1-2 years?

ARTEM: I hope that we will be able to expand our audience, meet people from all around the world who share our music preferences, vision and lifestyle, this is our main goal.

Listen to Chunder and their new EP Insight on Apple Music, Bandcamp or Spotify.

chunder band from st petersburg on tour around russia

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