Musicians to look out for: Mayani Swave

R&B/Hip-Hop artist from the Dominican Republic, Mayani Swave, recently announced his official signing to Disrupcion Records, with the re-release of his first EP “PINK”. We asked the artist what influences his music writing and what key message he is aiming to convey with it.

SWAVE - musicians to look out for - backstage tales

Take me back to where it all started. When did you realize that you wanted to do music?

I think I just woke up into music. My dad was a musician, a percussionist and he always had his band rehearsals and stuff at home so I would just sit there next to the drums and watch. Then my dad would have this bag full of instruments that he would pass around and we would just play for hours.

I didn’t necessarily have that moment where I said I was going to do music because it has always been there, I grew up surrounded by musicians so it’s embedded, it’s part of who I am and I have always known it was going to happen.

How did your upbringing influence your music and the way you work?

Growing up we were several siblings and we would sit with my dad and he would hand out instruments and we would always have little competitions to see who could make the beat and so on. My family is what drives me to make music, it’s always been my motor and my motivation.

 SWAVE - musicians to look out for - backstage tales

‘PiNK’, is a tribute to women and a homage to your mother. Why it was important for you to address this in your first ever EP?

The EP was for me a way to give my mom hope. My mom, my sister and I are alone now that my dad passed away. I was trying to give them back their hope, making them realize we have all come a long way from where we started. PiNK for me was a checkpoint and it felt like something that was going to open the doors for me and give peace to my mom. Females to me are the most powerful things on this earth and I wanted to convey that while honoring my mom.

SWAVE - musicians to look out for - backstage tales

How would you describe your music and your message in a few words?

My music is “SWAVE”. I am trying to reflect myself as much as I can while encouraging others to be themselves just as much and to be versatile. “SWAVE” actually comes from the souls that have a versatile element and I also wanted to convey that.

You are headlining the Musaico music festival in Valencia in May, so exciting! How are you preparing for the performance? 

I am honored, stounded to be performing at MUSAICO. It is actually the first time I go to Spain, actually, I never really traveled around until last year when I first went to New York to work on some music. That is exactly what I want to do, I want to share my music with the world to inspire people to be themselves. But MUSAICO, Spain, that is lit to me, I’m ecstatic to perform there.

SWAVE - musicians to look out for - backstage tales

SWAVE - musicians to look out for - backstage tales

SWAVE - musicians to look out for - backstage tales

Listen to Mayani Swave HERE.

Interviewed by: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Mayani Swave Archives

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