My 9am-5pm hair routine breakdown

My hair routine is long. It’s long to brush, it takes a long time to wash, it takes a long time to dry and it takes a very long time to style. I repeatedly say to my lovely hairdresser ‘don’t worry pull as hard as you like’ because I know since I brushed it in the car to the trip to the salon it’s gotten tangled and knotty. None of this is ideal but I couldn’t face having a shorter haircut as it wouldn’t suit my face shape. However, admitting this is probably a good first step into hair mania recovery. The second step is doing something about it.

I teamed up with a variety of brands that all specialise in hair styling. Caring for your split ends goes further than your roots.

In the day time I start my day with heating tools, brushes and hair spray but by 2pm it can be a given guarantee that my hair is flopped on my head like a Danish pastry. But I’m an evening hair washer, so this is when I whip out all my favourite products. So there I am the bath is running and I’m selecting which ones have made the live finals…

Before shampooing I would add Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer, as hair stretches like elastic before snapping or breaking from the scalp. Is an intensive pre-shampoo treatment which you apply before washing your hair. It contains olive oil, elastin and most importantly water. It keeps your hair continuously holds the moisture between 20mins- overnight it locks in that hydration and keeps your hair volumes.

Once I have prepared my hair and I’ve scrolled all the way through Instagram I add Emulsion SLS Free Shampoo. This has been specifically designed to clean and wash the hair without stripping the hair of all its natural oils. It is un-fragranced but contains vitamins B5 for all hair types.

To add extra goodness I pump a couple of Emulsion Let it Go Essential Blend into the palm of my hand with the Emulsion SLS Free Shampoo to create a shampoo cocktail. It has been formulated with properties to release tension, soothe taut muscle and let the day go. The calming and destressing blend is ideal for the end of a long day at work. It aids moisturising curly hair and helps to relax the body.

Alternatively, add Royal Remedy Extract to give skin the royal excuse to unwind, it is traditionally known for its nourishing properties.

Once I have added and washed out my shampoo cocktail, I need to restore any dryness in my hair with Christophe Robin’s Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil has been designed to reform dry or damaged hair which will restore and revitalise locks from root to tip whilst protects the length of my hair.

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Text: Ellie Botti

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