Nail polish colours to wear with tan

We review the best colours of nail polish that will go with your summer tan.


Yves Saint Laurent, 96 – ‘Kinetic Blue’

The shades of blue are summer classics, especially when you’re on holidays. #96 was released in the Spring 2018 collection Pop Illusion. This colour is dense and saturated. Such a classic blue shade will look good on short nails.


Smith & Cult, ‘Pink Dreams’

Such light shades are universal at any time of the year, but it works perfectly on tanned skin, visually making the fingers longer. From obvious advantages – all nail varnishes of this brand dry up quickly, shine even without top coat and do not chip within a week.


Essie, 74 – ‘Art Deco’

This shade can be found in the permanent collection of the brand. This slightly diluted coral shade will look best on a slightly tanned skin. On nails the colour will be with a slight neon subtone.


Chanel, 592 – ‘Giallo Napoli’

#592 shade was introduced in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection titled ‘Neapolis: New City’. Yellow is one of the main colours of the season and looks good both as eyeshadow and as a varnish. Due to the variety of shades – from milky-lemon to canary – it is suitable for any skin colour. It will look most vividly on tanned skin.


Dior, 894 – ‘Blop’

It is not easy to describe this shade from the Summer 2018 ‘Cool wave’ collection by Dior –  there is some jean, steel and cobalt in it. A complex cold colour will be a good substitute for any other dark shades.


Orly, ‘Electropop’

This pink-rawsberry shade of a cream texture without sparkles and pearl was introduced in the collection titled ‘In The Mix’. On nails the colour turns out to be brighter and even slightly neon.


Lancôme, 152 – ‘Nomme Desir’

Eternal classic – red nail polish. A properly selected shade can accentuate the colour of the skin. #152 ‘Nomme Desir’ is red with an orange subtone, it’s very warm, so will look stunning on tanned skin.


BANDI, SH 707 – ‘Soul Mint’

The Korean brand presented a collection of varnishes with both bright and nude colours. This cold green will contrast well with the skin of the bronze hue. All shades are also presented in the form of gel-varnishes.


CND Vinilux, ‘Taffy’

The mini collection ‘Chic Shock’ included pastel shades of varnish, which stay on the nails for up to 14 days. All shades are cool and very delicate. The most interesting is this mint shade called ‘Taffy’.


Zoya, ZP941 – ‘Delia’

The summer palette of nail varnishes (that are, by the way, even suitable for children’s use) was full of bright berry and floral shades. Almost all colours are diluted with milk shade. The most original shades among variations of fuchsia, coral and cowberry is this cool lavender shade.


Which one of these is your favourite? Read about how nail polish is made HERE.

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Allure, Chanel, Dior

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