New Indie Rock Band INK: Tour Review

With hits like ‘HEAVEN’, ‘SYMPHONY WOMAN’ and our personal favourite, ‘FEVER’ fans are going crazy for INK, especially with the rumour of a UK tour. So, we sent off our Beauty Editor to review her favourite idol’s brand new band. INK’s members; Corey Alexander; Todd Dorigo and Britain’s most beloved; Dougie Poynter, are all working hard to attract new listeners and supporters, to prove that they too, will succeed.

“I started writing some music with some mates of mine @mrcoreyalexander @todddorigo. We are called INK., because we love Ralph Steadman.” Dougie Poynter

So there I was, trying to calm my inner (and outer) fangirl from the millions of McFly gigs I had attended after following Dougie Poynter’s musical career, and personal journey since early childhood.

Having entered the personally sized venue, the excitement was building, and I could tell that this would be a gig to remember, because no matter where I was in the building, I wasn’t far away from the band.

Support act, John Buckley, started off the gig with just his voice and an acoustic set. His tones were refreshingly varied with the lyrics themselves telling his story without need for much narrative between songs. His charming character shone through his songs and had the whole room in touch with the emotion of each melody. Buckley wrapped up his performance and made way for the much-anticipated main act, INK.

First of all…. Oh my word, they had to walk cm’s away from me to get to the stage. That was enough for me, but suddenly all overwhelming feelings of being starstruck washed away when the band kicked off with ‘SYMPHONY WOMAN’.

The crowd all responded well to songs despite maybe not all being overly familiar with the up-and-coming band’s material. Soon tributes such as ABBA were played to increase involvement and familiarity, adding elements of togetherness as the entire room couldn’t help but sing along. And yes, myself and my friend sang so loudly that Todd Dorigo himself thanked us personally for the enthusiasm (Embarrassing? Maybe. Achievement? Definitely). Soon followed their new releases with Dorigo even bringing his mic into the crowd to sing and dance with us all.

After the gig was over, we all had an opportunity to meet them at the merch stand. I remember as a kid begging my parents to pay hundreds for meet and greets with Dougie, and now I could casually go over for a chit chat after a personal gig.

We waited for a while but the band weren’t there… was this going to be a no show? We left to go outside for air but were refused entry for having our drinks. So, as I turn around who taps me on the shoulder to get passed?! Only Dougie! All of a sudden, I realised I was first in line at the merch stand to say hello to the band. My childhood dream was fulfilled as I chatted with the band… With the whole experience being topped off with a hug, and a special thanks for my support.

Not only did the band put in a phenomenal amount of effort into their new songs, but the energy of the tour itself had everybody humming and singing their catchy music with smiles on their faces. The band were incredibly humble, despite their previous musical experience.

Check out their latest release- ‘HEAVEN

What do you think of INK?

Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Instagram, Ellie Botti

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