Nicola Brindle SS18: Redefining the ‘Essex Girl’

Nicola Brindle is on a mission to redefine the term ‘Essex Girl’, and this season she did it through powerful, feminine and metallic clothes.

Nicola graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012 and launched her brand ‘Nicola Brindle’ in 2014. Her brand focuses on incorporating her love of graphics, art and texture into wearable clothes. Every garment is handmade in London and they’re all embellished with prints. Nicola takes inspiration from various films, media, musicals and fanaticism. This season, she wanted to focus on the ‘Essex Girl’, and reclaim the term to establish a new perspective of empowerment supporting all women.

‘Essex girl’ has come to be a term that undermines women in our society, it has come to a be a term people use to offend and describe people lacking in class. It is exactly this way of thinking of Essex girls Nicola wants to erase from society, and what better way to do exactly that, being from Essex herself, than to design a whole collection based on empowering the ‘Essex Girl’?

Her presentation was held at The Hospital Club in Central London, and the venue was decorated to perfectly suit the theme of the collection. As we walked in we saw walls filled with bubble wrap, a backdrop with the name of the collection printed on and pink lightning. How girly can it get? It took us away from the hassle of fashion week for a moment and as the presentation was about to start, music started playing and the models came out dancing.

They were all dressed in different power symbols, mixed with rock and roll statements and a metallic rainbow colour palette. Researching the collection, Nicola took inspiration from her own role models such as Suzi Quatro, Debbie Harry, Geri Halliwell and Dolly Parton to create a strong character designing the clothes. She did not fail, every garment was embellished with screen prints, vinyl and female power. Nicola had used the abstract Union Jack portraying the anarchist, feminist, fighting spirit which shone the whole way through the outfits of the dancing models.

The clothes empowered the models, they looked beautiful, sexy and strong– what more can you wish for in what you wear? Every look was designed to empower, being fun, comfortable and unique. Nicola has for sure redefined the term ‘Essex Girl’, let’s just hope society does the same.

What’s your thoughts on the ‘Essex Girl’?

Text: Lene Hille

Images: Rob Case

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