This obsession with the Scandinavian style

During the recent years, the Scandinavian taste in fashion has increased its attention from the rest of the world. The fashion weeks in Stockholm and Copenhagen earlier this month confirmed that the craving for Scandinavian style is far from over.  

Acne Studios, By Malene Birger, Holzweiler, Samsøe Samsøe, Filippa K, Nina Jarebrink, Ganni. You have probably heard most of these names before. They have in common that they are Scandinavian clothing brands with a desire to dress up the Scandinavian body and present this vision to the international market. And they have succeeded; people are obsessing with dressing up in a minimalistic and functional, but yet fashionable style.

Putting on the historical glasses, the Scandinavian sense of fashion emerged from the Scandinavian design movement in the 1950s, which was characterized by its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The main idea behind this design development was that both beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy people, but to all.

Last year, the Danish fashion blogger and style icon Pernille Teisbæk launched a book where she shares her thoughts on the famous Scandinavian style, named Dress Scandinavian, after getting a lot of questions about the style while travelling around. As a contradiction to the Grunge style in New York and the print look in Milan, the Scandinavians style is represented more in a minimalistic and comfortable manner.

Further, Teisbæk is stressing Scandinavians way of living and how we perceive art and aesthetics as influential factors. “We appreciate fabrics with good quality by prioritizing a small selection of quality items we can wear over a longer amount of time”, Teisbæk said to Alt Magazine.

The fashion blogger is also pointing out that the style reflects the Scandinavian notion of identity; We want to fit in and have a sense of belonging, but at the same time differentiates ourselves from the rest. Generally, the look is simple, but by adding your own personal details, you build up a personal Scandinavian look. Because of its good quality and its minimalistic and functional character, the style can be well-preserved over several seasons and thus be sustainable, which is a more and more important factor in the fashion industry. This might also be the reason for its on-growing popularity over the world.

How would you style your Scandinavian look?

Text: Synne Krogstad

Images: Neotrad, Pinterest, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, FashionGum

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