People who inspire us: Liu Yanjun, JUNNE

Liu Yanjun, graduated from Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts, Department of weaving and garment art and design in 2008. In 2016 she founded her own label JUNNE. The designer won the Business Potential Award during Shanghai Fashion Week in 2017, and in 2018 received special financial support from Shanghai fashion and creative industry. A JUNNE woman is a ‘sexy urchin with feminism and a big girl who fights against abuse with heroism’. We interviewed the designer whose recent collection inspired by the famous Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo was presented during London Fashion Week.

Liu Yanjun, JUNNE - backstage tales

How does this Autumn/Winter 2019 collection represent your brand identity?

Frida [Kahlo] uses the most beautiful works to present the most painful aspects of life. I hope that my brand can be like this as well – brave when facing challenges. It is the essence of the JUNNE – being gentle and tough.

Why is the feminist movement so important for you?

It is very important in the world of fashion – so it is great to draw attention to such a powerful movement that will continue to shape the future.

What was the hardest thing you found when creating this collection?

The hardest part was the presentation of colour, because the paintings are so amazing, they cannot be exceeded.

Liu Yanjun, JUNNE - backstage tales

How much do environmental issues impact your work when designing?

Environmental issues take a huge toll in the fashion industry so it is necessary to be aware of the damage and try to be aware in order to make changes in the future.

How does your past/upbringing play a part in the way you work and design?

I have been involved with art since I was 4 years old, painting and winning awards at 6 years old – When I was young I enjoyed making clothes for dolls and this creativity continued throughout life.

Liu Yanjun, JUNNE - backstage tales

Liu Yanjun, JUNNE - backstage tales

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Interviewed by: Irina Gorskaia

Images: JUNNE Archives

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