Top 5 perfume-inspired cocktail bars

Perfume-inspired beverages is now a worldwide trend and we found top 5 perfume-inspired cocktail bars around the world where you can drink your troubles away.


There are not so many bars where aromas are used in cocktail creation, but we can definitely see great potential that this phenomenon has. Some bars create drinks based on known perfume flavours; others use aromas to enhance the taste of cocktails and prolong the pleasure. Aromas can be used to highlight a specific taste of the drink. Or as a beautiful finale of a complex composition.

Fragrances Ritz Carlton Bar, Berlin

The very first perfume-inspired bar opened in 2014. Bartender Arnd Hussein comes up with drink ideas himself. Here you can try cocktails created using the basic flavours of Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, Guerlain, as well as some niche perfumes – Frederic Malle, Byredo, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Penhaligons, Serge Lutens, Pantheon Roma, Jo Malone, Amouge. Today the collection of the bar consists of 30 perfume-inspired cocktails.

The most popular cocktail here is Vaara based on Penhaligon’s perfume. It is served in a nest (yes, literally!) and smells of sandalwood smoke. The composition of the drink includes pear puree, saffron, rose water, vanilla-honey syrup and sake ‘Rhododendron’. The second bestseller is Earl Grey and Cucumber based on Jo Malone’s perfume. The drink uses hibiscus seed extract and herbal cucumber tincture, tequila, sake, apple juice, cucumber bitter, fresh lemon, jasmine, honey, vanilla and ambrette syrups. The composition of the cocktail coincides with notes of the famous perfume, which includes bergamot, cucumber, and beeswax.


Green Bar at Hotel Cafе Royal, London

In 2016 the bar created 7 new cocktails in collaboration with the perfume house Givenchy in honour of the release of a new line of fragrances L’Atelier de Givenchy Fine Fragrances. Each cocktail has its own unique colour and taste. Mixologist Tiziano Tasso approached the task very attentively and used very unusual ingredients in some drinks. For example, to create a cocktail that he called Oud Flamboyant Tasso mixed Japanese whiskey and mandarin juice, coconut juice, manuka honey, and cinnamon. The Chypre Caresse cocktail includes gin with freshly squeezed grapefruit and agave syrup. The Iris Harmonique cocktail consists of coconut water, vodka, kumquat liqueur and lemon peel.



69 Сolebrooke Row bar, London

You can come here not only to drink flavoured cocktails but also for mixology master classes to learn how to make them. Cocktails are not directly based on well-known perfume flavours, they present sort of a fantasy-sketch about the main fragrant ingredient.

The barman-mixologist Tony Konillaro told us:

‘We try to tell a story through our drinks, we call it a diorama. I make many drawings and sketches to help myself and my team visualize it all. Each drink is a stage set, and the ingredients are actors. Take our drink ‘Rose’, dedicated to a walk in the English rosary. The most important ingredient here is the fragrance of the rose which we spray over the sugar cube. Then we cover it with champagne. Therefore, when you breathe in the smell of the cocktail you feel a faded smell of roses, which intensifies the longer you drink it’.


Zuma Bar, Hong Kong

Zuma Bar is famous for its innovative cocktails and got the 24th place in the list of the 50 best bars in Asia. In early 2016 Zuma, in collaboration with the London perfume house Penhaligon’s created cocktails titled ‘The Portraits series’. Each perfume was first presented in the form of a drink. For example, The Tragedy of Lord George cocktail includes amber, thin beans, brandy, a wood chord, and soap. You read it right, soap! In a cocktail all these ingredients were mixed with dark rum, coffee beans, and Japanese fruity liqueur. What a combo!


Tippling Club Bar, Singapore

This bar-restaurant has been collaborating with the perfume house Penhaligon’s since 2011. From time to time barmen-mixologists create new cocktails dedicated to the perfume flavours that the brand releases. Juniper Sling cocktail, for example, consists of fruit puree, gin, cherry bitters, juniper and cinnamon syrup. Another famous cocktail is dedicated to the fragrance called Sartorial. To reproduce the conceptual perfume that has a unique smell of a tailor’s workshop and a hot iron, mixologists used whiskey with honey, orange candied fruits, cloves and black tea. The program is supported by the Corporation of International Flavours and Fragrances. The aim of the project is to help people to revive childhood memories through flavoured cocktails.


Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Time Out London, Time Out Berlin, Tripadvisor

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