PFW SS18: Our review of high-end designers

Paris Fashion week is over and the fashion month has finished. What a month it has been, we couldn’t have asked for a better finale than Paris’s high-end collections; fresh, elegant and most importantly… affordable.

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Men’s Spring 2018

“For the sense of freedom I feel today, I went through many things- judgement, criticism, being controversial. But today is about freedom, of feeling really French, part of Paris, Parisian- yet not losing the first emotion that I had when I arrived at the opera.”
– Balmain.

Balmain killed it with even bigger and better designs than before, only allowing his best collection to make the show. At 32, the designer has achieved his dreams in his favourite city in the world by presenting one of the most successful and popular brands in the world. His originality stepped away from typical sophistication and glam but added a fun element to his opening look being a pair of patent leather dungarees. Despite using more casual pieces such as t-shirts with blazers, each piece was made to look as glitzy as possible totally covered in embroidery and diamantes.

Paco Rabanne packed in so many looks on so many models that their moments in the spotlight seemed like a flash. Bold metallics and eye-catching candy-reds were used to steal the audience’s attention this year, from catsuits to two pieces, tassels to tailored there was not a dull moment from this designer. Having such a cold, hard pallet was softened up with the use of textiles or florals embedded amongst the aesthetic chaos.

Lacoste stepped up as it showcased its first ready-to-wear show in 13 years on home turf. Felipe Oliveira Baptista had Novak Djokovic in the front row amongst many other A-listers. The show was set out on a bright white court while models walked in organised chaos cutting corners walking all at the same time weaving in and out of each other at a high speed… we were certainly on the edge of our seat. The designer had worked hard to achieve a fun but sporty collection with 70’s tennis star style being a main feature for the model’s hair and make-up team.

COMME des GARÇONS, how we love you. Ironically the show was predicted to be an anti-climax after the venue was located at the Russian Embassy, despite being in the beautiful upper-class Paris District. But have no fear, the worry of foreshadowing for what kind of collection we were going to be offered shedded no light on what we were actually presented. Fun, vibrant and loud pieces were put together to make a loud and proud statement while models struggled to walk in their rather heavy outfits. Large floral prints were a popular textile used this year with roses and oriental style patterns. Busy and oversized, the models still carried elegance underneath construction.

Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Vogue, DesignScene, Accessories, Dazed

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