Best podcasts about TV series you need to know

We put together a selection of podcasts about the most striking phenomenon of modern pop culture – TV series.

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The Chernobyl Podcast

Perhaps the main podcast of the recent days – the official addition to the Chernobyl TV series released in May by HBO. If, after viewing, you still have questions to the creators or are not sure of their good intentions and suspect collusion with the CIA, you definitely need to listen to this podcast.

Craig Mazin, the screenwriter who came up with the idea for the Chernobyl TV series, talks about how he had long been involved in this topic way before the HBO proposal and spent months trying to figure out what was the real cause of the reactor collapse in Ukraine in 1986. Podcast also depicts how realistic were the replicas of the characters and the entourage of the scene on the control panel at the time of the accident. It also covers why did the directors of the series invite European actors and forbade them to depict a Russian accent.

chernobyl podcast

Homecoming Podcast

This is probably the most famous artistic podcast based on which the TV series was filmed in 2018 starring Julia Roberts!). Is a thriller about government conspiracies, testing illegal drugs and uncomfortable secrets that sometimes psychotherapy can reveal. Definitely worth a listen!

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homecoming podcast

History of Westeros Podcast

Game of Thrones generated a huge wave of podcasts with discussions on individual episodes. There was an article published recently in which the author claims that these hot discussions are the main outcome of the series.

In our opinion, History of Westeros is the most meticulous of these Game of Thrones podcasts. The creators draw geographical maps, discuss the events that are mentioned in the book only in passing and are willing to spend hours analysing the smallest details. Now that the hype has subsided, it’s time to calmly delve into the world of Westeros and finally figure out why everything ended this way and not otherwise. Perhaps the most popular and iconic of the episodes is called Binge Mode Game of Thrones.

history of westeros podcast

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Which one of these podcasts about TV series would you be listening? Let us know in the comment section below.

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