5 smart ways to prevent damage during hair colouring

Our hair is extremely sensitive to colouring products and can get damaged easily during the procedure. Luckily, there are a few brands that developed complexes of treatments that you can use during hair colouring to prevent this damage. Here are our favourites.

Prevent Damage During Hair Colouring - backstage tales

Smartbond by L’Oreal

This system by L’Oreal includes three products – a duet of concentrate and pre-shampoo, which can be used only in the salon, and hair products for home use to maintain the strength and shine of the hair. The concentrate can be mixed with any dyeing products or with bleaching materials.

After applying the hair needs to be heated with a hair dryer for deeper penetration. Then the concentrate is washed off and it is the turn of the pre-shampoo treatment. After the hair needs to be gently washed with shampoo and conditioner. Smartbond restores disulphide bonds inside the hair thanks to maleic acid, which acts throughout and after the dyeing process.

Smartbond by L'OrealBond Ultim8 by Matrix

This bonding system by Matrix is also based on three products. The main component is the same as in the L’Oreal products – maleic acid. The complex can be used simply to restore hair in the salon, as well as during dyeing or highlighting. The first stage is the application of an amplifier that preserves and replenishes keratin in the hair. The second stage is a sealer with a conditioning effect. It fixes the action of the first stage and restores the weakened bonds inside the hair. To maintain the result, it is best to apply a mast or a strong conditioner after.

Bond Ultim8 hair colouring by Matrix

K-PAK by Joico

Hair reconstruction treatment from the brand Joico can be tried at the Hair Spot salon. At the core of care is the Quadramine Compex formula, which replicates human hair keratin. The procedure consists of four stages: a shampoo, a conditioner-neutraliser, a reconstructor and a moisturiser. After the procedure, the hair looks noticeably more smooth and shiny. Such care is also suitable for fixing the results of dyeing so that the colour lasts longer and looks richer. Care will suit any type of hair with any level of damage.

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K-PAK by Joico

Fibre Force by Bonacure

Thanks to the micronised keratin, the components of Fibre Force penetrates better and deeper into the hair structure, filling up all the damage. Bonacure also includes marula seed oil, panthenol and glycerine. Salon procedure is performed using serum and cream, which are mixed and applied to the hair for 5-15 minutes. The treatment not only smoothes the hair and makes it richer, but also weighs and fixes it a little.

Fibre Force by Bonacure

Fibreplex hair colouring by Schwarzkopf Professional

Fibreplex is another three-stage technology for stabilising the hair structure. The activator enhancer is mixed with any professional cosmetics for bleaching, brightening or dyeing. Its main task is to reduce the alkalinity of the mixture. After the shampoo, a bond is used that seals the hair cuticle and balances the pH level, which makes it possible to block the pigments of the dye and preserve the colour for a long time.

Fibreplex hair colouring by Schwarzkopf Professional

Have you tried any of these products? How do you prevent damage during hair colouring? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Text: Irina Gorskaia

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