Turn Your Hobby into a Profession: Become a Full-Time A/V Technician

If you have been tinkering with audio and visual equipment for a long time now, then you have slowly been teaching yourself an invaluable skill. Being able to repair, correctly install, and even source audio and visual equipment could become the basis for a thriving small business if you take the right approach. Just offering advice on setups to friends and family can soon grow into a custom installation and servicing business. More and more people are looking for ways to turn their hobbies, interests and passions into an income stream, and having the technical abilities necessary to install, maintain and repair A/V equipment is a highly marketable and in-demand business. Here we are going to look at some of the steps anyone can take to turn their audio hobby into a business and become a full-time A/V technician.

how to become a full-time A/V Technician

Start in Your Spare Time, Build up to Full-Time

The best way to begin is slowly. You can begin your small business in your spare time, and repair equipment or design custom installations around your existing commitments. As your business grows, you can increase the amount of time you spend doing it incrementally, initially working part-time until the size of your customer base makes full-time work not only necessary but also profitable.

Being Mobile Is Essential for an A/V Technician 

Having a vehicle will be essential to most A/V businesses. Whether you are moving lots of equipment or servicing and repairing domestic audio and visual equipment, you will need an adequately sized van. You can use your car at first, but you will quickly run into its limitations. A van also acts as a mobile advertisement for you and your business.

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Make Sure You are Fully Covered for Your Work and Your Vehicle

When operating any small business, you need to consider liability insurance. This will help protect you if any equipment is damaged as you try to repair it, and is inexpensive even for a business that handles high value high-tech equipment.

Operating a vehicle requires private van insurance to give you commercial grade vehicle insurance and full protection in the event of an accident. Quotezone.co.uk compiles quotes from all the major insurance companies for private van insurance, and even some smaller companies you may not have heard of. They can help you get the best value possible from your private van insurance.

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Use Social Media to Get Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Social media is a great way to engage with customers, and build up a larger base of regular customers. You can use comments and reviews from your business’s social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram, and use them as testimonials to the quality of your work and customer service. This can help your business to grow exponentially very quickly, especially if you master viral marketing.

With the right focus and planning, any enthusiastic audiophile can turn their hobby into a well-paying small business for themselves. Your experience working with and repairing audio and visual equipment is highly sought after and has both a domestic and commercial market for you to generate a customer base from.

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