How to prolong your tan?

Whether you’ve developed it naturally (while practising safe sunbathing, of course) or from a bottle, chances are, you want to prolong your tan. We have put together a list of our top tips and favourite beauty products that will help you maintain your beautiful summer tan.

how to prolong your tan in the summer

Take a cold shower

Hot water tends to stress the skin more and stimulates cellular regeneration quicker. Resist and dive into ice-cold water: it will also be good for your circulation.

Moisturise a lot

Choose your favourite body lotion and moisturise at least once a day, twice would be even better. Of course, if you are supposed to spend the day out in the sun, make sure your moisturiser contains the right level of SPF.

Choose a tan-friendly diet

What does this mean? To prolong your tan try eating lots of food containing beta-carotene, for example carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and black Italian cabbage.

Drink a lot of water

Hydrating the skin also demands a lot of internal effort. Don’t underestimate this step because it will really make a difference in how long your tan will last.

Avoid waxing

It’s time to convert to epilating… Waxing, aside from stripping the hair, would remove the first protective level of skin cells, meaning that it will deprive you of the colour you achieved after so much hard work, in just a few seconds.

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how to prolong your tan

Here is a list of our favourite beauty products to prolong your tan:

The After-Sun Enhancer by La Mer

This gel pleasantly cools the skin, soothes and nourishes it. It is best to use the product right before bedtime as it absorbs quickly.

The After-Sun Enhancer by La Mer

Aquamare Body by Aldo Coppola

The basis of this gel is hyaluronic acid and brown algae, which are both great for restoring moisture and elasticity of the skin after the sun. The composition also has sun protectors and microspheres, which give the skin a slight bronze tint and shimmer.

Aquamare Body by Aldo Coppola

Sanddorn by Weleda

Sea buckthorn oil is the easiest and proven component you need to look for in beauty products if you want to prolong your tan. A large number of carotenoids gives the oil a bright orange colour, due to which the skin gradually acquires a light shade. The oil is not greasy, it can even be used for hair.

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Sanddorn by Weleda

Tan Maximizer by Lancaster

In fact, this fragrant oil is almost self-tanning, but without the risk of divorce and yellowness. The product spreads on the skin very delicately and gradually. This oil can be used for body, face and hair.

Tan Maximizer by Lancaster

Terracotta Sun Protect by Guerlain

This functional cream can actually also be used for sun protection. The cream is water-resistant and not at all sticky. Plus it gradually gives the skin a subtle tan.

Terracotta Sun Protect by Guerlain

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