Jolin Wu AW19: Rebellion and Elegance

Inspired by fashion behemoth Maison Margiela, Jolin Wu took up fashion at CSM and launched the Taipei based label after interning at Alexander McQueen. Her eponymous decade-old label is known for producing hand-sewn details on garments which appear both edgy yet refined. For her 10th anniversary collection, Wu took inspiration from the imagery, dialogues and music of the iconic 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner.


The layers of garments were constructed intricately to represent the minute details of the film that create an intensely memorable visual. The styling of a neon green checkered coat with black vinyl trousers appeared interestingly mismatched, and a series of oversized hoodies, slouchy trousers and printed pantsuits were paired with velvet polo necks and lace camisoles. One constant aspect throughout the collection was the vibrant striped calf-length socks and equally vibrant sporty footwear.

The designer experimented with a vivid and varied colour palette throughout the collection. There were colour blocks motifs of red and grey, electric blue, beige with neon green and olive and these were finished with accents of pastel pink and crossover geometric drawstring bags in purple and brown. Similarly to the uniquely coloured tones selected, every model had distinctive make-up and hairstyles that screamed individuality. The wet hair style felt natural, completed with a low ponytail and wind-blown fringes.

The finale included 3 models wearing off-white slip dresses, with one model carrying a huge glowing ivory ball. This prop referred to the central concept of the collection being that ‘the crescent moon and the stars are riot.’ This idea of the beauty of natural elements being at war concludes why we think this collection perfectly embodies the paradoxical idea of elegance and rebellion.

The designer mentioned in an interview with Fashion Scout that the AW19 collection is about how she imagines the future would be. From this collection of mismatched textures and colours, we believe the future will be fashionably unapologetic and free of rules.



Text: Pinanki Shah

Images: The Upcoming

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