Smart ways to reimagine, repurpose and reuse jeans

There are so many different things the designers have done over the years to reimagine ordinary jeans. They paint them, tear them apart, deconstruct the pockets and the bottoms… I’m sure we all have a couple of pairs in our wardrobes that don’t get enough attention. Take scissors, a little acrylic paint and in ten minutes you may just feel like you are the next Demna Gvasalia. There is also another benefit to this – don’t buy new ones, just reuse jeans and you will be able to help the environment.

reuse jeans - backstage tales

‘Dirty jeans’ effect

A pair of basic indigo jeans can be easily transformed from a boring classic into a trendy new thing. It is enough just to age them. Take a little acrylic paint of a different shade and apply it gently with an ordinary sponge on the fabric. This will only take a couple of minutes of your time, but it after may take at least 2-3 hours to wait until the paint is completely dry. Then iron the jeans from the inside, putting the paper on the dyed part. The paint will be fixed, and you can go to conquer the spring streets. Personally, this is my favourite way to reuse jeans.

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Natalie Turnikova, MM6 Maison Margiela, A.P.C. Spring-Summer 2018 - backstage tales

Natalie Turnikova, MM6 Maison Margiela, A.P.C. Spring-Summer 2018

Get rid of the pockets

If you are not a fan of the first method, this one is even easier. It is enough to unpick a pocket by cutting its seams with manicure scissors. This would look especially cool it all looks on very tight-fit jeans. Wear a custom pair in tandem with a tucked t-shirt or shirt.

Monse, ReDone, Faustine Steinmetz Spring-Summer 2018 - backstage tales

Monse, ReDone, Faustine Steinmetz Spring-Summer 2018

Cut off what you don’t need

And it is also worth starting from the bottom edge of the jeans. Take the scissors and boldly cut just above the line processed by the overlock. Extreme accuracy in this matter is not needed, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

Another option is to make a few holes. Take straight pairs, inspired by the 1990s, and cut into them just above the knee. Be careful with the side seams – it’s better not to touch them. If something goes wrong, just recall the Faustin Steinmetz Spring/Summer 2019 collection and exhale – you did everything right.

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REMU ReMake jacket - backstage tales

REMU ReMake jacket

Do you reuse jeans? Let us know about any other smart way to reimagine your wardrobe and give it a second life.

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Vogue UK, WWD, Kickstarter

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